N-LIST Annual Membership Fee

Get Online Proforma Invoice of Annual Membership Fee

N-LIST registered members can now generate and print online proforma invoice of annual membership fee using registered College / Admin email Ids submitted at the time of registration. In case of any problem, please mail to college[at]inflibnet.ac.in.

Annual Membership Fee
  • Colleges covered under 12B section of UGC Act: Rs 5,900.00/- (Rs. 5000/- Membership Fee + Rs. 900/- (18%) GST)
  • Non aided Colleges registered for N-LIST Programme: Rs. 35,400.00/- (Rs. 30,000/-Membership Fee + Rs.5400/- (18%) GST)
  • Annual membership fee shall be paid through CMP E-Collection(VAN) facility. Bank Account Number is distinct for each college.