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  • Colleges covered under 12B section of UGC Act: Rs 5,900.00/- (Rs. 5000/- Membership Fee + Rs. 900/- (18%) GST).
  • Non aided Colleges registered for N-LIST Programme: Rs. 35,400.00/- (Rs. 30,000/-Membership Fee + Rs.5400/- (18%) GST).
  • Only authorized college administrator can login to this system.
  • If your college is not having college admin login details, please download the Authorization Letter from here and send the duly filled signed copy to INFLIBNET Centre at college[at]
  • If College has already made payment for N-LIST membership for the year [2020-2021], but N-LIST service is not started in the college then please submit your payment details.
  • For further query/help, please contact us on +91 79 2326 8243/8244.