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  • Executive governance in Israel
    Subject: Executive power
    Author: Arian, Alan.
    Publisher: Palgrave in association with International Political Science Association,
    Year: 2002.
    Platform: ebrary
  • The comparative turn in Canadian political science
    Subject: Political science;Comparative government.;Political science;Multiculturalism;Federal government;Science politique;Institutions politiques compar{acute}ees.;Science politique;Multiculturalisme;F{acute}ed{acute}eralisme
    Publisher: UBC Press,
    Year: c2008.
    Platform: ebrary
  • The politics of knowledge /
    Publisher: Singapore :;London, U.K. :Institute of Southeast Asian Studies ;;London School of Economics and Political Science,
    Year: 2009.
    Platform: ISAES e-Books


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