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  • Fast Car Physics
    Subject: Engineering: Mechanical; Engineering: General; Engineering
    Author: Edmondson, Chuck
    Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press
    Year: 01-05-2011
    Platform: ebrary
  • Flight Physics and Propulsion – EASN 2012
    Subject: Engineering; Engineering: General; Engineering: Mechanical
    Author: Isikveren, Askin; Panidis, Thrassos; Özbilgin, Mustafa
    Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing Limited
    Year: 30-05-2014
    Platform: ebrary
  • Fractals in Molecular Biophysics
    Subject: Science; Science: Biology/Natural History
    Author: Dewey, T. Gregory
    Publisher: Oxford University Press
    Year: 19-02-1998
    Platform: ebrary
  • Fundamental Physics and Chemistry
    Subject: Engineering: Mechanical; Science: Astronomy; Engineering; Science
    Author: National Research Council Staff
    Publisher: National Academies Press
    Year: 01-01-1988
    Platform: ebrary
  • Fundamentals of Biophysics
    Subject: Science; Science: Biology/Natural History
    Author: Rubin, Andrey B.; Rubin, A B
    Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated
    Year: 11-09-2014
    Platform: ebrary
  • Fundamentals of X-Ray Physics
    Subject: Science: Physics; Science
    Author: Pavlinsky, G.V.
    Publisher: Cambridge International Science Publishing
    Year: 01-12-2007
    Platform: ebrary
  • Geophysics
    Subject: Science: Geology; Science; Science: Physics
    Author: Bolger, Annette
    Publisher: Oxford Book Co.
    Year: 01-01-2010
    Platform: ebrary

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