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  • Economics and Hermeneutics
    Subject: Economics; Business/Management
    Author: Lavoie, Don
    Publisher: Taylor and Francis
    Year: 28-07-2005
    Platform: ebrary
  • Economics and Politics of Climate Change
    Subject: Science: Physics; Environmental Studies; Science
    Author: Helm, Dieter; Hepburn, Cameron
    Publisher: Oxford University Press
    Year: 29-10-2009
    Platform: ebrary
  • Economics as Literature
    Subject: Literature; Business/Management
    Author: Henderson, William
    Publisher: Taylor and Francis
    Year: 07-06-2006
    Platform: ebrary
  • Economics Audit
    Subject: Business/Management
    Author: Vinten, Gerald
    Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing Limited
    Year: 09-07-2004
    Platform: ebrary
  • Economics for Humans
    Subject: Philosophy; Business/Management
    Author: Nelson, Julie A.
    Publisher: University of Chicago Press
    Year: 15-02-2010
    Platform: ebrary
  • Economics for Lawyers
    Subject: Law; Economics
    Author: Ippolito, Richard A.
    Publisher: Princeton University Press
    Year: 12-01-2012
    Platform: ebrary
  • Economics of Aging
    Subject: Business/Management; Economics
    Author: Schulz, James H.
    Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group, Incorporated
    Year: 01-12-2000
    Platform: ebrary
  • Economics of Art and Culture
    Subject: Business/Management; Economics; Fine Arts
    Author: Heilbrun, James; Gray, Charles M.
    Publisher: Cambridge University Press
    Year: 23-04-2001
    Platform: ebrary
  • Economics of Biotechnology
    Subject: Business/Management
    Author: Rao, T.V.S. Ramamohan
    Publisher: New Age International
    Year: 01-12-2006
    Platform: ebrary
  • Economics of Climate Change in East Asia
    Subject: Environmental Studies; Economics; Business/Management
    Author: Westphal, Michael I.; Hughes, Gordon A.; Brömmelhörster Jörn
    Publisher: Asian Development Bank
    Year: 01-01-2015
    Platform: ebrary
  • Economics of Commodity Markets
    Subject: Business/Management; Economics
    Author: Chevallier, Julien; Ielpo, Florian
    Publisher: Wiley
    Year: 11-06-2013
    Platform: ebrary
  • Economics of Developing Countries
    Subject: Business/Management; Economics
    Author: Caldeira, Tiago N.
    Publisher: Nova Science Publishers, Inc.
    Year: 01-03-2009
    Platform: ebrary
  • Economics of Medicare Reform
    Subject: Health; Social Science; Economics; Business/Management
    Author: Rettenmaier, Andrew J.; Saving, Thomas R.
    Publisher: W. E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research
    Year: 01-09-2000
    Platform: ebrary

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