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    Subject: Education; Mathematics
    Author: Kaur, Berinderjeet; Ghani, Masura
    Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company
    Year: 25-10-2011
    Platform: ebrary
  • Mathematics and 21st Century Biology
    Subject: Science: Biology/Natural History; Science
    Author: Committee on Mathematical Sciences Research for DOE’s Computational Biology; National Research Council
    Publisher: National Academies Press
    Year: 16-06-2005
    Platform: ebrary
  • Mathematics and Life Sciences
    Subject: Science: Biology/Natural History; Science
    Author: Anderssen, Robert; Antoniouk, Alexandra V.; Bouville, Andre; Byrne, Helen M.; Chepurny, Mykola; Edwards, Maureen P.; Fursikov, Andrei V.; Kolokoltsov, Vassili N.; Komarova, Natalia L.; Kovalevsky, Alexander A.
    Publisher: De Gruyter
    Year: 01-01-2013
    Platform: ebrary
  • Mathematics and Physics for Programmers
    Subject: Computer Science/IT; Mathematics
    Author: Kodicek, Danny; Flynt, John P.
    Publisher: Course Technology / Cengage Learning
    Year: 28-09-2011
    Platform: ebrary
  • Mathematics and Sports
    Subject: Sport & Recreation
    Author: Gallian, Joseph A.
    Publisher: Mathematical Association of America
    Year: 14-05-2014
    Platform: ebrary

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