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  • Allocating Federal Funds for State Programs for English Language Learners
    Subject: Language/Linguistics; Education
    Author: Panel to Review Alternative Data Sources for the Limited-English Proficiency Allocation Formula Under Title, Part A, Elementary and Secondary Education Act; National Research Council
    Publisher: National Academies Press
    Year: 20-07-2011
    Platform: ebrary
  • American Indian English
    Subject: Language/Linguistics
    Author: Leap, William L
    Publisher: University of Utah Press
    Year: 13-03-2012
    Platform: ebrary
  • Analyzing the Grammar of English
    Subject: Language/Linguistics
    Author: Teschner, Richard V.; Evans, Eston E.
    Publisher: Georgetown University Press
    Year: 19-04-2007
    Platform: ebrary
  • Aspects of English Negation
    Subject: Language/Linguistics
    Author: Iyeiri, Yoko
    Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company
    Year: 08-12-2005
    Platform: ebrary
  • Baal's Priests : The Loyalist Clergy and the English Revolution
    Subject: Religion
    Author: McCall, Fiona; Cameron, Professor Euan ; Gordon, Professor Bruce ; Heal, Dr. Bridget ; Mason, Professor Roger A. ; Pettegree, Dr. Andrew ; Von Greyerz, Professor Kaspar ; Ryrie, Professor Alec ; Heal, Dr. Felicity
    Publisher: Taylor and Francis
    Year: 10-04-2013
    Platform: ebrary
  • Bagehot: The English Constitution
    Subject: Political Science; Law
    Author: Bagehot; Geuss, Raymond; Smith, Paul
    Publisher: Cambridge University Press
    Year: 15-03-2001
    Platform: ebrary

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