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  • The Regis study skills guide
    Subject: Study skills.;Learning.
    Author: Walsh, Frank,
    Publisher: International Debate Education Association,
    Year: c2008.
    Platform: ebrary
  • The research game in academic life
    Subject: Universities and colleges;Research;Learning and scholarship;Universities and colleges;College teachers
    Author: Lucas, Lisa.
    Publisher: Open University Press ;;Society for Reserach in Higher Education,
    Year: 2006.
    Platform: ebrary
  • Theory of education
    Subject: Education;Educational planning.
    Author: Turner, David A.,
    Publisher: Continuum,
    Year: c2004.
    Platform: ebrary
  • Thinking in education
    Subject: Thought and thinking;Critical thinking;Creative thinking
    Author: Lipman, Matthew.
    Publisher: Cambridge University Press,
    Year: 2003.
    Platform: ebrary
  • Transforming music education
    Subject: Music;School music
    Author: Jorgensen, Estelle Ruth.
    Publisher: Indiana University Press,
    Year: c2003.
    Platform: ebrary

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