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  • Race and education, 1954-2007
    Subject: School integration;Discrimination in education
    Author: Wolters, Raymond,
    Publisher: University of Missouri Press,
    Year: c2008.
    Platform: ebrary
  • Race and education: policy and politics in Britain /
    Subject: Minorities;Discrimination in education;Children of immigrants;Assimilation (Sociology);Multicultural education
    Author: Tomlinson, Sally.
    Publisher: McGraw Hill/Open University Press,
    Year: 2008.
    Platform: ebrary
  • Reforms in higher education
    Subject: Education, Higher;Education, Higher;Higher education and state
    Publisher: Cassell,
    Year: 1997.
    Platform: ebrary
  • Renal cell carcinoma
    Subject: Renal cell carcinoma.;Kidneys
    Author: Rini, Brian I.
    Publisher: People's Medical Publishing House ;;McGraw Hill Education,
    Year: 2009.
    Platform: ebrary
  • Researching higher education
    Subject: Education, Higher;Education.
    Author: Tight, Malcolm.
    Publisher: Society for Research into Higher Education & Open University Press,
    Year: 2003.
    Platform: ebrary
  • Restructuring LIS education
    Subject: Information science;Educational innovations.
    Author: Ashworth, Susan.
    Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing Limited,
    Year: 2004.
    Platform: ebrary
  • Rethinking liberal education
    Subject: Education, Humanistic;Education, Higher;Education, Higher
    Publisher: Oxford University Press,
    Year: 1996.
    Platform: ebrary

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