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  • The Physics of Basketball
    Subject: Science: Physics; Science; Sport & Recreation
    Author: Fontanella, John J.
    Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press
    Year: 01-02-2008
    Platform: ebrary
  • The Physics of Quarks : New Research
    Subject: Science: Physics; Science
    Author: Watson, Nicola J.; Grant, Theo M.
    Publisher: Nova Science Publishers, Inc.
    Year: 01-02-2010
    Platform: ebrary
  • The Physics of Sorrow
    Subject: Language/Linguistics; Literature
    Author: Gospodinov, Georgi; Rodel, Angela
    Publisher: Open Letter
    Year: 16-03-2015
    Platform: ebrary
  • Theology and Modern Physics
    Subject: Religion
    Author: Hodgson, Peter E, Professor; Peters, Professor Ted ; Trigg, Professor Roger ; Van Huyssteen, Professor J. Wentzel
    Publisher: Ashgate Publishing Ltd
    Year: 28-05-2013
    Platform: ebrary
  • Thermal Physics of the Atmosphere
    Subject: Science; Science: Physics; Science: Geology
    Author: Ambaum, Maarten H. P.
    Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated
    Year: 06-04-2010
    Platform: ebrary
  • Thermophysics and Spacecraft Thermal Control
    Subject: Engineering: Mechanical; Engineering; Engineering: General
    Author: Hering, Robert C.
    Publisher: American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
    Year: 01-01-2000
    Platform: ebrary
  • Transverse Spin Physics
    Subject: Science: Physics; Science
    Author: Barone, Vincenzo; Ratcliffe, Philip G.
    Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company
    Year: 29-01-2003
    Platform: ebrary
  • U. S. Astronomy and Astrophysics : Managing an Integrated Program
    Subject: Science; Science: Astronomy
    Author: National Research Council (U.S.), Committee on the Organization and Management of Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics Staff; National Science Foundation Staff; NASA Staff; Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences, ; National Research Council, ; Na
    Publisher: National Academies Press
    Year: 01-12-2001
    Platform: ebrary
  • Unity and Time in Metaphysics
    Subject: Philosophy
    Author: Honnefelder, Ludger; Runggaldier SJ, Edmund; Schick, Benedikt
    Publisher: De Gruyter
    Year: 17-08-2009
    Platform: ebrary
  • University Physics-I
    Subject: Science; Science: Physics
    Author: Upadhyaya, J.C.
    Publisher: Global Media
    Year: 01-12-2006
    Platform: ebrary
  • Variations, Geometry and Physics
    Subject: Mathematics
    Author: Krupkova, Olga; Saunders, D. J.
    Publisher: Nova Science Publishers, Inc.
    Year: 01-05-2009
    Platform: ebrary

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