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Beneficiary Colleges

All college covered under section 12B of UGC Act and Non Aided Colleges (except Agriculture, Engineering, Management, Medical, Pharmacy, dentistry and Nursing ) can access to electronic resources subscribed by the UGC-INFONET Digital Library consortium as well as few selected e-resources that were found most appropriate for colleges including e-journals and e-books. These resources include more than 6000+ e-journals and 97,000 + e-books. All Non-Aided (except Agriculture, Engineering, Medical, Pharmacy, dentistry and Nursing )/ Colleges are requested to register themselves online.

Total number of registrations (5443)
Number of 12B/2F Colleges: (3841)
Number of Non-aided Colleges: (321)
Number of 12B/2f and Non-aided Colleges: (3988)
Number of Not Eligible Colleges: (1279)
Today's Registration: (0)
Science College: (2264)




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