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Title: V.C. Andrews: a critical companion /, [Yr: 1996.]
Publisher: Greenwood Press,
Author: Huntley, E. D.

Title: V.S. Naipaul, [Yr: c2003.]
Subject: Travel writing;East Indians in literature.;Islam in literature.
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan,
Author: King, Bruce,

Title: V5 TCP/IP applications on the IBM e-server iSeries server, [Yr: c2004.]
Subject: TCP/IP (Computer network protocol);Computer network protocols.
Publisher: IBM, International Technical Support Organization,

Title: Vacation decision making, [Yr: c2006.]
Subject: Tourism
Publisher: CABI Pub.,
Author: Decrop, Alain.

Title: Vaccine anxieties: global science, child health and society /, [Yr: 2007.]
Subject: Vaccination of children;Vaccination of children;Vaccination;Vaccination;Public opinion;Public opinion;Vaccines;Vaccines;Vaccination of children;Vaccination of children
Publisher: Earthscan,
Author: Leach, Melissa.

Title: Vaccine safety forum: summaries of two workshops /, [Yr: 1997.]
Subject: Vaccination;Vaccination of children;Vaccines
Publisher: National Academy Press,

Title: Vaccine safety research, data access, and public trust, [Yr: c2005.]
Subject: Vaccination;Vaccines
Publisher: National Academies Press,

Title: Vaccine supply and innovation, [Yr: 1985.]
Subject: Vaccines;Immunization.
Publisher: National Academy Press,

Title: Vaccines against malaria: hope in a gathering storm /, [Yr: 1996.]
Subject: Malaria vaccine;Malaria
Publisher: National Academy Press,

Title: Vaccines for the 21st century: a tool for decisionmaking /, [Yr: c2000.]
Subject: Vaccines;Immunization
Publisher: National Academy Press,

Title: Vagueness, [Yr: 1996.]
Subject: Vagueness (Philosophy)
Publisher: Routledge,
Author: Williamson, Timothy.

Title: Vagueness, logic, and ontology, [Yr: 2007.]
Subject: Vagueness (Philosophy);Ontology.;Logic.;Sorites paradox.;Semantics (Philosophy)
Publisher: Ashgate Pub.,
Author: Hyde, Dominic.

Title: Valence bond methods: theory and applications /, [Yr: 2002.]
Subject: Valence (Theoretical chemistry)
Publisher: Cambridge University Press,
Author: Gallup, Gordon A.

Title: Valency: theoretical, descriptive and cognitive issues /, [Yr: c2007.]
Subject: Dependency grammar.;Cognitive grammar.;Contrastive linguistics.;Computational linguistics.;Semantics.
Publisher: Mouton de Gruyter,

Title: Valentines, [Yr: 2008.]
Subject: Valentine's Day
Publisher: University of Nebraska Press,
Author: Kooser, Ted.

Title: Valentinian ethics and paraenetic discourse: determining the social function of moral exhortation in Valentinian Christianity /, [Yr: 2009.]
Subject: Valentinians.;Christian moral exhortation.;Christian ethics.;Moral exhortation.
Publisher: Brill,
Author: Tite, Philip L.,

Title: Valerius Flaccus, Argonautica, Book I: a commentary /, [Yr: 2005.]
Subject: Epic poetry, Latin;Argonauts (Greek mythology) in literature.;Jason (Greek mythology) in literature.;Medea (Greek mythology) in literature.
Publisher: Brill,
Author: Kleywegt, A. J.

Title: Valeurs religieuses et d{acute}eveloppement durable: une approche d'analyse des institutions des Bamil{acute}ek{acute}e du Cameroun /, [Yr: 2010.]
Subject: Bamileke (African people);Values;Globalization
Publisher: Langaa Research & Pub.,
Author: Kana, C{acute}elestine Colette Fouellefak.

Title: Validation of toxicogenomic technologies: a workshop summary /, [Yr: c2007.]
Subject: Genetic toxicology;DNA microarrays
Publisher: National Academies Press,

Title: Valkyrie: an insider's account of the plot to kill Hitler /, [Yr: 2009.]
Subject: Attempted assassination
Publisher: Da Capo Press/Perseus Books,
Author: Gisevius, Hans Bernd,

Title: Valletta, [Yr: c1997.]
Subject: Roads;Harbors
Publisher: Maps.com,

Title: Valley Interfaith and school reform: organizing for power in South Texas /, [Yr: 2002.]
Subject: Education;Educational change;Community and school
Publisher: University of Texas Press,
Author: Shirley, Dennis,

Title: Valpara{acute}iso School: open city group /, [Yr: 2003.]
Subject: Valpara{acute}iso school (Architecture);City planning;City planning;Group work in architecture;Architecture
Publisher: McGill-Queen's University Press,
Author: Rispa, Ra{acute}ul.

Title: Valuable broadleaved forests in Europe, [Yr: 2009.]
Subject: Forests and forestry;Timber
Publisher: Brill,

Title: Valuation channel of external adjustment, [Yr: 2009.]
Subject: Valuation.;Productivity accounting.
Publisher: International Monetary Fund,
Author: Ghironi, Fabio.

Title: Valuation of intangible assets in global operations, [Yr: 2001.]
Subject: Intangible property;Intellectual property
Publisher: Quorum Books,

Title: Valuation of unlisted direct investment equity, [Yr: 2009.]
Subject: Investments, Foreign.;Investment analysis.
Publisher: International Monetary Fund,
Author: Kumah, Emmanuel O.

Title: Value and risk management: a guide to best practice /, [Yr: 2006.]
Subject: Construction industry;Value analysis (Cost control);Project management.
Publisher: Blackwell Pub.,
Author: Dallas, Michael.

Title: Value at risk: the new benchmark for managing financial risk /, [Yr: c2001.]
Subject: Financial futures.;Risk management.
Publisher: McGraw-Hill,
Author: Jorion, Philippe,

Title: Value distribution theory and related topics, [Yr: c2004.]
Subject: Value distribution theory.
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers,

Title: Value in health care: accounting for cost, quality, safety, outcomes and innovation : workshop summary /, [Yr: 2010.]
Subject: Medical care
Publisher: National Academies Press,

Title: Value in social theory: a selection of essays on methodology /, [Yr: 1998, c1958.]
Subject: Social sciences;African Americans.
Publisher: Routledge,
Author: Myrdal, Gunnar,

Title: Value in time: better trading through effective volume /, [Yr: c2008.]
Subject: Investment analysis.;Stocks
Publisher: Wiley,
Author: Willain, Pascal,

Title: Value investing in commodity futures: how to profit with scale trading /, [Yr: c2001.]
Subject: Commodity futures.;Futures.
Publisher: John Wiley,
Author: Masover, Hal.

Title: Value shift: why companies must merge social and financial imperatives to achieve superior performance /, [Yr: c2003.]
Subject: Business ethics.;Social responsibility of business.
Publisher: McGraw-Hill,
Author: Paine, Lynn Sharp.

Title: Value, price, and profit: addressed to working men /, [Yr: c2001.]
Subject: Economics.;Socialism.
Publisher: Electric Book Co.,
Author: Marx, Karl,

Title: Value, respect, and attachment, [Yr: 2001.]
Subject: Ethics.;Values.
Publisher: Cambridge University Press,
Author: Raz, Joseph.

Title: Value-added assessment in practice: lessons from the Pennsylvania Value-Added Assessment System pilot project /, [Yr: c2007.]
Subject: Educational tests and measurements;Educational accountability;Educational indicators
Publisher: RAND Corporation,
Author: McCaffrey, Daniel F.

Title: Value-added selling: how to sell more profitably, confidently, and professionally by competing on value, not price /, [Yr: c2003.]
Subject: Selling.;Value added.
Publisher: McGraw-Hill,
Author: Reilly, Thomas P.

Title: Value-based health care: linking finance and quality /, [Yr: 2009.]
Subject: Medical care;Medical economics.
Publisher: Jossey-Bass,
Author: Dlugacz, Yosef D.,

Title: Value-based marketing for bottom-line success: 5 steps to creating customer value /, [Yr: c2003.]
Subject: Consumer satisfaction.;Customer services;Marketing
Publisher: McGraw-Hill,
Author: DeBonis, J. Nicholas.

Title: Value-based planning for teams of agents in stochastic partially observable environments, [Yr: 2010.]
Subject: Mathematics.
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press,
Author: Oliehoek, Frans A.

Title: Value-free science?: ideals and illusions /, [Yr: 2007.]
Subject: Science;Science;Objectivity.
Publisher: Oxford University Press,

Title: Values and involvement in a grammar school, [Yr: 1998.]
Subject: Education, Secondary;Educational sociology
Publisher: Routledge,
Author: King, Ronald,

Title: Values and perceptions of the Islamic and Middle Eastern publics, [Yr: 2007.]
Subject: Social values
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan,

Title: Values and the reflective point of view: on expressivism, self-knowledge and agency /, [Yr: c2006.]
Subject: Values.;Practical reason.;Expressivism (Ethics)
Publisher: Ashgate,
Author: Dunn, Robert,

Title: Values and virtues: Aristotelianism in contemporary ethics /, [Yr: 2006.]
Subject: Virtue.;Ethics, Modern.;Ethics, Ancient.
Publisher: Clarendon Press ;;Oxford University Press,

Title: Values education: theory, practice, problems, prospects /, [Yr: c1975.]
Subject: Moral education.;Education.
Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier University Press,

Title: Values in sport: elitism, nationalism, gender equality, and the scientific manufacture of winners /, [Yr: 2000.]
Subject: Sports;Sports
Publisher: E & FN Spon,

Title: Values sell: transforming purpose into profit through creative sales and distribution strategies /, [Yr: c2007.]
Subject: Selling.;Physical distribution of goods;Social responsibility of business.;Success in business.
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler,
Author: Thompson, Nadine A.,

Title: Values, achievement, and justice: studies in the psychology of deservingness /, [Yr: c1999.]
Subject: Judgment.;Social justice
Publisher: Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers,
Author: Feather, Norman T.

Title: Values, nature, and culture in the American corporation, [Yr: 1995.]
Subject: Corporate culture;Business ethics;Social responsibility of business
Publisher: Oxford University Press,
Author: Frederick, William Crittenden,

Title: Values-driven business: how to change the world, make money, and have fun /, [Yr: c2006.]
Subject: Social responsibility of business.;Industrial management
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers ;;Publishers Group West [distributor],
Author: Cohen, Ben

Title: Valuing a business: the analysis and appraisal of closely held companies /, [Yr: 2000.]
Subject: Corporations;Corporations
Publisher: McGraw Hill,
Author: Pratt, Shannon P.

Title: Valuing a business: the analysis and appraisal of closely held companies /, [Yr: c2008.]
Subject: Corporations;Corporations
Publisher: McGraw-Hill,
Author: Pratt, Shannon P.

Title: Valuing and educating young people: stern love the Lyward way /, [Yr: 2006.]
Subject: Problem children;Youth with social disabilities
Publisher: J. Kingsley,
Author: Harvey, Jeremy,

Title: Valuing animals: veterinarians and their patients in modern America /, [Yr: 2003.]
Subject: Veterinary medicine;Domestic animals;Human-animal relationships;Animal welfare
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press,
Author: Jones, Susan D.,

Title: Valuing children: rethinking the economics of the family /, [Yr: 2008.]
Subject: Families;Child rearing;Households;Family allowances
Publisher: Harvard University Press,
Author: Folbre, Nancy.

Title: Valuing crop biodiversity: on-farm genetic resources and economic change /, [Yr: c2006.]
Subject: Crops;Crops;Plant diversity conservation.;Plant diversity conservation;Agricultural innovations.;Farms, Small.
Publisher: CABI Pub.,

Title: Valuing ecosystem services: the case of multi-functional wetlands /, [Yr: 2008.]
Subject: Wetland management;Ecosystem management
Publisher: Earthscan,
Author: Turner, R. Kerry.

Title: Valuing ecosystem services: toward better environmental decision-making /, [Yr: c2005.]
Subject: Aquatic ecology;Biotic communities;Environmental policy;Environmental protection
Publisher: National Academies Press,

Title: Valuing ground water: economic concepts and approaches /, [Yr: 1997.]
Subject: Groundwater
Publisher: National Academy Press,

Title: Valuing health for regulatory cost-effectiveness analysis, [Yr: c2006.]
Subject: Medical care;Cost effectiveness.
Publisher: National Academies Press,

Title: Valuing health risks, costs, and benefits for environmental decision making: report of a conference /, [Yr: 1990.]
Subject: Health risk assessment.;Cost effectiveness.;Environmental health;Environmental policy
Publisher: National Academy Press,

Title: Valuing historic environments, [Yr: c2009.]
Subject: Cultural property;Antiquities;Historic sites;Landscape protection.
Publisher: Ashgate,

Title: Valuing intangible assets, [Yr: 1999.]
Subject: Intangible property;Investments.
Publisher: McGraw-Hill,
Author: Reily, Robert F.

Title: Valuing Mediterranean forests: towards total economic value /, [Yr: c2005.]
Subject: Forests and forestry;Forest policy
Publisher: CABI Publishing,

Title: Valuing musical participation, [Yr: c2005.]
Subject: Musicians;Music
Publisher: Ashgate,
Author: Pitts, Stephanie.

Title: Valuing nature?: ethics, economics and the environment /, [Yr: 1997.]
Subject: Environmental policy;Environmental economics.;Environmental ethics.
Publisher: Routledge,

Title: Valuing people: how human capital can be your strongest asset /, [Yr: c2002.]
Subject: Career development.;Corporations;Human capital;Human capital.;Personnel management.
Publisher: Dearborn Trade Pub.,
Author: Aldisert, Lisa M.,

Title: Valuing small businesses and professional practices, [Yr: c1998.]
Subject: Small business;Professions
Publisher: McGraw-Hill,
Author: Pratt, Shannon P.

Title: Valuing technology: organisations, culture, and change /, [Yr: 2002.]
Subject: Technological innovations;Information technology;Employees
Publisher: Routledge,

Title: Valve handbook, [Yr: c2004.]
Subject: Actuators;Valves
Publisher: McGraw-Hill,
Author: Skousen, Philip L.

Title: Valve surgery at the turn of the millenium, [Yr: c2004.]
Subject: Heart valves
Publisher: Kluwer Academic,

Title: Valvular heart disease, [Yr: 2006.]
Subject: Heart valves;Heart
Publisher: Manson,
Author: Andrus, Bruce W.

Title: Vampires: myths and metaphors of enduring evil /, [Yr: 2006.]
Subject: Vampires.;Folklore.
Publisher: Rodopi,

Title: Van Loon: popular historian, journalist, and FDR confidant /, [Yr: 2005.]
Subject: Journalists;Historians
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan,
Author: Minnen, Cornelis A. van.

Title: Van Wyck Brooks, [Yr: 1968.]
Subject: Authors, American
Publisher: University of Minnesota Press,
Author: Wasserstrom, William.

Title: Vancouver, [Yr: c2001.]
Subject: Roads
Publisher: Maps.com,

Title: Vancouver, British Columbia, [Yr: c1997.]
Subject: Roads;Harbors
Publisher: Maps.com,

Title: Vander's renal physiology, [Yr: 2009.]
Subject: Kidneys;Physiology
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Medical,
Author: Eaton, Douglas C.

Title: VANETs: vehicular applications and inter-networking technologies /, [Yr: 2010.]
Subject: Vehicular ad hoc networks (Computer networks);Computer networks.
Publisher: Wiley,

Title: Vanguard or vandals: youth, politics, and conflict in Africa /, [Yr: 2005.]
Subject: Youth;Youth;Young adults;Conflict of generations;Youth and violence
Publisher: Brill,

Title: Vanilla: the world's most flavourful spice, orchid of commerce /, [Yr: 2008.]
Subject: Vanilla.;Vanilla industry
Publisher: Aavishkar Publishers, Distributors,
Author: Bhattacharjee, Supriya Kumar.

Title: Vanished islands and hidden continents of the Pacific, [Yr: c2009.]
Subject: Lost continents;Geographical myths;Geographical myths
Publisher: University of Hawai{softsign}i Press,
Author: Nunn, Patrick D.,

Title: Vanishing British Columbia, [Yr: c2005.]
Subject: Historic sites;Historic buildings;Cities and towns;Watercolor painting
Publisher: UBC Press ;;University of Washington Press,
Author: Kluckner, Michael.

Title: Vanishing voices: the extinction of the world's languages /, [Yr: c2000.]
Subject: Language maintenance.;Language obsolescence.
Publisher: Oxford University Press,
Author: Nettle, Daniel.

Title: Vanities of the eye: vision in early modern European culture /, [Yr: 2007.]
Subject: Vision.;Philosophy, Modern.
Publisher: Oxford University Press,
Author: Clark, Stuart.

Title: Vanity fair: a novel without a hero /, [Yr: 1999.]
Subject: British;Female friendship;Married women;Social classes;Waterloo, Battle of, Waterloo, Belgium, 1815
Publisher: Modern Library,
Author: Thackeray, William Makepeace,

Title: Vanity fair: a novel without a hero /, [Yr: 2002.]
Subject: Snobs and snobbishness;Upper class
Publisher: Penguin Books,
Author: Thackeray, William Makepeace,

Title: Vanity, vitality, and virility: the science behind the products you love to buy /, [Yr: 2004.]
Subject: Chemistry, Analytic
Publisher: Oxford University Press,
Author: Emsley, John.

Title: Vanuatu, [Yr: c1999.]
Publisher: Maps.com,

Title: Vanuatu, [Yr: c1999.]
Publisher: Maps.com,

Title: Vargas and Brazil: new perspectives /, [Yr: 2006.]
Subject: Historiography
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan,

Title: Varia Aethiopic: in memory of Sevir B. Chernetsov (1943-2005) /, [Yr: 2009.]
Subject: Fathers of the church, Ethiopic
Publisher: Gorgias Press,

Title: Variability of air temperature and atmospheric precipitation in the Arctic, [Yr: c2002.]
Subject: Atmospheric temperature;Precipitation variability
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers,
Author: Przybylak, Rajmund.

Title: Variants of ventricular preexcitation: recognition and treatment /, [Yr: 2006.]
Subject: Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome.;Excitation (Physiology)
Publisher: Blackwell Futura,
Author: Sternick, Eduardo Back.

Title: Variation and change in Spanish, [Yr: 2000.]
Subject: Spanish language;Spanish language
Publisher: Cambridge University Press,
Author: Penny, Ralph J.

Title: Variation and change in the lexicon: a corpus-based analysis of adjectives in English ending in -ic and -ical /, [Yr: 2007.]
Subject: English language;English language
Publisher: Rodopi,
Author: Kaunisto, Mark.

Title: Variation and evolution in plants and microorganisms: toward a new synthesis 50 years after Stebbins /, [Yr: c2000.]
Subject: Plants;Plants
Publisher: National Academy Press,

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