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Title: F is for phony: fake documentary and truth's undoing /, [Yr: c2006.]
Subject: Documentary-style films
Publisher: University of Minnesota Press,

Title: F. Scott Fitzgerald, [Yr: 1961.]
Subject: Authors, American
Publisher: University of Minnesota Press,
Author: Shain, Charles E.

Title: F. Scott Fitzgerald: a literary life /, [Yr: 2002.]
Subject: Authors, American
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan,
Author: Hook, Andrew.

Title: F.P. Ramsey: critical reassessments /, [Yr: c2005.]
Publisher: Continuum,

Title: F.R. Leavis: essays and documents /, [Yr: c2005.]
Subject: English literature;English literature;Criticism;English teachers;Critics
Publisher: Continuum,

Title: Fables of representation: essays /, [Yr: c2004.]
Subject: American poetry;Poetry.
Publisher: University of Michigan Press,
Author: Hoover, Paul,

Title: Fables of the East: selected tales, 1662-1785 /, [Yr: 2005.]
Subject: Fables, Oriental.;Fables.
Publisher: Oxford University Press,

Title: Fabric structure and design, [Yr: c2004.]
Subject: Textile industry;Textile fabrics;Textile design
Publisher: New Age International (P) Ltd., Publishers,
Author: Gokarneshan, N.

Title: Fabricating architecture: selected readings in digital design and manufacturing /, [Yr: 2010.]
Subject: Architecture and technology.;Architecture;Architecture;Architectural design.;Architectural practice.
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press,

Title: Fabricating Europe: the formation of an education space /, [Yr: c2002.]
Subject: Education and state;European cooperation.
Publisher: Kluwer Academic,

Title: Fabricating Foucault: rationalising the management of individuals /, [Yr: 2003.]
Subject: Philosophy, Modern
Publisher: Marquette University Press,
Author: Deacon, Roger Alan.

Title: Fabricating the absolute fake: America in contemporary pop culture /, [Yr: c2008.]
Subject: Popular culture;Popular culture;Civilization
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press,
Author: Kooijman, Jaap.

Title: Fabricating the people: politics and administration in the biopolitical state /, [Yr: c2007.]
Subject: Legitimacy of governments;Public administration;Political leadership;Public opinion
Publisher: University of Alabama Press,
Author: Catlaw, Thomas J.

Title: Fabriqu{acute}e au Canada: m{acute}etiers d'art et design dans les ann{acute}ees soixante /, [Yr: c2005.]
Subject: Design;Design
Publisher: McGill-Queen's University Press,

Title: Fabulating beauty: perspectives on the fiction of Peter Carey /, [Yr: 2005.]
Subject: Australian literature
Publisher: Rodopi,

Title: Fabulous orients: fictions of the East in England, 1662-1785 /, [Yr: 2005.]
Subject: English literature;English literature;English literature;Orientalism in literature.;Exoticism in literature.
Publisher: Oxford University Press,
Author: Ballaster, Rosalind.

Title: Facades and roofs, [Yr: c2007.]
Subject: Architecture, Domestic;Architecture, Domestic;Facades;Roofs
Publisher: IOS Press,

Title: Face it: recognizing and conquering the hidden fear that drives all conflict at work /, [Yr: c2004.]
Subject: Conflict management.;Employees;Interpersonal relations.;Psychology, Industrial.
Publisher: American Management Association,
Author: Horn, Art,

Title: Face recognition: cognitive and computational processes /, [Yr: c2001.]
Subject: Face perception.
Publisher: John Benjamins Pub. Co.,
Author: Rakover, Sam S.,

Title: Face to face with orchestra and chorus: a handbook for choral conductors /, [Yr: c2004.]
Subject: Conducting.;Choruses;Orchestral music
Publisher: Indiana University Press,
Author: Moses, Don V.,

Title: Face to face: toward a sociological theory of interpersonal behavior /, [Yr: c2002.]
Subject: Interpersonal relations.
Publisher: Stanford University Press,
Author: Turner, Jonathan H.

Title: Face, communication and social interaction, [Yr: 2009.]
Subject: Interpersonal communication.;Social interaction.;Identity (Psychology);Intercultural communication.
Publisher: Equinox Pub.,

Title: Face, harmony, and social structure: an analysis of organizational behavior across cultures /, [Yr: 1997.]
Subject: Organizational behavior;Self-perception
Publisher: Oxford University Press,
Author: Earley, P. Christopher.

Title: Faces in the clouds: a new theory of religion /, [Yr: 1993.]
Subject: Anthropomorphism.;Religion
Publisher: Oxford University Press,
Author: Guthrie, Stewart,

Title: Faces in the forest: First Nations art created on living trees /, [Yr: c2001.]
Subject: Indian art;Indian art;Indians of North America;Indians of North America
Publisher: McGill-Queen's University Press,
Author: Blackstock, Michael D.,

Title: Faces of inequality: social diversity in American politics /, [Yr: [2000]]
Subject: Multiculturalism;Political culture;State governments
Publisher: Oxford University Press,
Author: Hero, Rodney E.,

Title: Faces of poverty: portraits of women and children on welfare /, [Yr: 1995.]
Subject: Poor women;Poor children;Welfare recipients;Public welfare
Publisher: Oxford University Press,
Author: Berrick, Jill Duerr.

Title: Faces of the feminine in ancient, medieval, and modern India, [Yr: 2000.]
Subject: Women;Women;Women
Publisher: Oxford University Press,

Title: Facets and practices of state-building, [Yr: 2009.]
Subject: Nation-building.;State, The.
Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers,

Title: Facets of Globalization: international and local dimensions of development /, [Yr: c2001.]
Subject: Urban economics.;Economic development.;Globalization.
Publisher: World Bank,

Title: Fachsprachen: ein internationales Handbuch zur Fachsprachenforschung und Terminologiewissenschaft /, [Yr: 1998.]
Subject: Sublanguage;Terms and phrases
Publisher: W. de Gruyter,

Title: Facial analysis from continuous video with applications to human-computer interface, [Yr: 2004.]
Subject: Human-computer interaction.;Image processing;Computer vision.
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers,
Author: Colmenarez, Antonio J.

Title: Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, [Yr: c2002.]
Subject: Face;Facelift.
Publisher: Thieme,

Title: Facilitando investigaci{acute}on y desarrollo participativo, [Yr: c2006.]
Subject: Sustainable agriculture;Conservation of natural resources
Publisher: Perspectivas de los Usuarios con la Investigaci{acute}on y el Desarrollo Agr{acute}icola, Centro Internacional de la Papa (UPWARD-CIP) ;;Centro Internacional de Investigaciones para el Desarrollo (IDRC),

Title: Facilitating climate change responses: a report of two workshops on knowledge from the social and behavioral sciences /, [Yr: c2010.]
Subject: Climatic changes;Climate change mitigation.;Climatic changes
Publisher: National Academies Press,

Title: Facilitating Groups, [Yr: 2010.]
Subject: Group facilitation.;Teams in the workplace.
Publisher: Open University Press,
Author: Rogers, Jennifer.

Title: Facilitating interdisciplinary research, [Yr: c2005.]
Subject: Interdisciplinary research.;Research.
Publisher: The National Academies Press,

Title: Facilitating multicultural groups: a practical guide /, [Yr: 2007.]
Subject: Group facilitation.;Diversity in the workplace.
Publisher: Kogan Page,
Author: Hogan, Christine

Title: Facilitating organizational learning and KM, [Yr: c2006.]
Subject: Organizational learning.;Knowledge management.
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing,

Title: Facilitating problem-based learning: illuminating perspectives /, [Yr: 2003.]
Subject: Education, Higher.;Adult learning.;Problem-based learning.
Publisher: Society for Research into Higher Education,
Author: Savin-Baden, Maggi,

Title: Facilitating project performance improvement: a practical guide to multi-level learning /, [Yr: c2010.]
Subject: Organizational learning.;Project management.
Publisher: AMACOM,
Author: Julian, Jerry.

Title: Facilitating reflective learning in higher education, [Yr: 2007.]
Subject: Education, Higher.;College teaching.;Learning strategies.
Publisher: Open University Press,
Author: Brockbank, Anne,

Title: Facilitating reflective learning through mentoring and coaching, [Yr: 2006.]
Subject: Employees;Mentoring in business.;Organizational learning.
Publisher: Kogan Page,
Author: Brockbank, Anne,

Title: Facilitation made easy: practical tips to improve meetings & workshops /, [Yr: 2005.]
Subject: Employees;Forums (Discussion and debate);Group facilitation.
Publisher: Kogan Page,
Author: Cameron, Esther.

Title: Facilitation skills for team leaders, [Yr: c1993.]
Subject: Teams in the workplace.;Communication in management.;Group facilitation.
Publisher: Crisp Publications,
Author: Hackett, Donald W.,

Title: Facilities management: theory and practice /, [Yr: 1996.]
Subject: Facility management.;Production management.;Factory management.
Publisher: E & FN Spon,

Title: Facility design and management handbook, [Yr: 2001.]
Subject: Facility management.;Factories;Production planning.
Publisher: McGraw-Hill,

Title: Facility inspection field manual: a complete condition assessment guide /, [Yr: c2001.]
Subject: Engineering inspection;Plant maintenance
Publisher: McGraw-Hill,
Author: Lewis, Bernard T.

Title: Facility manager's maintenance handbook, [Yr: 2007.]
Subject: Facility management;Plant maintenance.
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional ;;McGraw-Hill [distributor],
Author: Lewis, Bernard T.

Title: Facility manager's operation and maintenance handbook, [Yr: c1999.]
Subject: Factory management.;Plant engineering.;Plant maintenance.
Publisher: McGraw-Hill,
Author: Lewis, Bernard T.

Title: Facility piping systems handbook, [Yr: c2002.]
Subject: Piping;Piping;Piping
Publisher: McGraw-Hill,
Author: Frankel, Michael.

Title: Facility piping systems handbook: for industrial, commercial, and healthcare facilities /, [Yr: c2010.]
Subject: Piping
Publisher: McGraw-Hill,
Author: Frankel, Michael.

Title: Facility siting: risk, power and identity in land use planning /, [Yr: 2004.]
Subject: Land use;Economics.
Publisher: Earthscan,
Author: Boholm, {ring}Asa.

Title: Facing a pandemic: the African church and the crisis of HIV/AIDS /, [Yr: c2007.]
Subject: AIDS (Disease);HIV infections;AIDS (Disease);HIV infections
Publisher: Baylor University Press,
Author: Bongmba, Elias Kifon,

Title: Facing America: iconography and the Civil War /, [Yr: 2004.]
Subject: Nationalism;Political culture;Sex role;Signs and symbols;Masculinity in art.;Masculinity in literature.;Women in art.;Women in literature.
Publisher: Oxford University Press,
Author: Samuels, Shirley.

Title: Facing Asia: history of the Colombo plan /, [Yr: c2004.]
Subject: Economic assistance
Publisher: Pandanus Books,
Author: Oakman, Daniel.

Title: Facing autism: giving parents reasons for hope and guidance for help /, [Yr: 2000.]
Subject: Autism in children;Parents of autistic children;Autistic children
Publisher: WaterBrook Press,
Author: Hamilton, Lynn M.

Title: Facing Black and Jew: literature as public space in twentieth-century America /, [Yr: 1999.]
Subject: American fiction;Literature and society;Judaism and literature;American fiction;African American authors;Jewish authors;African Americans;African Americans in literature.;Race relations in literature.;Jews in literature.
Publisher: Cambridge University Press,
Author: Newton, Adam Zachary.

Title: Facing death in Cambodia, [Yr: c2005.]
Subject: Political atrocities;Trials (Genocide)
Publisher: Columbia University Press,
Author: Maguire, Peter

Title: Facing fascism: the Conservative Party and the European dictators, 1935-1940 /, [Yr: 1997.]
Subject: Fascism;World War, 1939-1945
Publisher: Routledge,

Title: Facing future, [Yr: 2010.]
Subject: Singers
Publisher: Continuum,
Author: Kois, Dan.

Title: Facing hazards and disasters: understanding human dimensions /, [Yr: c2006.]
Subject: Disaster relief;Emergency management
Publisher: National Academies Press,

Title: Facing it: AIDS diaries and the death of the author /, [Yr: c1998.]
Subject: AIDS (Disease)
Publisher: University of Michigan Press,
Author: Chambers, Ross.

Title: Facing north: portraits of Ely, Minnesota /, [Yr: c2008.]
Subject: Portrait photography.
Publisher: University of Minnesota Press,
Author: Goldman, Ann,

Title: Facing postmodernity: contemporary French thought on culture and society /, [Yr: 1999.]
Subject: Postmodernism
Publisher: Routledge,
Author: Silverman, Maxim.

Title: Facing racial revolution: eyewitness accounts of the Haitian Insurrection /, [Yr: 2007.]
Publisher: University of Chicago Press,

Title: Facing the consequences: using TIMSS for a closer look at U.S. mathematics and science education /, [Yr: c1999.]
Subject: Mathematics;Science
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers,

Title: Facing the future: agents and choices in our indeterminist world /, [Yr: 2001.]
Subject: Agent (Philosophy);Choice (Psychology);Free will and determinism.
Publisher: Oxford University Press,
Author: Belnap, Nuel D.,

Title: Facing the other: ethical disruption and the American mind /, [Yr: c2004.]
Subject: Ethics;Political ethics;Criticism, Textual.;Other (Philosophy);Ethics in literature.;Liberty in literature.;Justice in literature.
Publisher: Louisiana State University Press,
Author: Bolton, Linda,

Title: Facing the Pacific: Polynesia and the U.S. imperial imagination /, [Yr: c2007.]
Subject: Imperialism;Public opinion;Popular culture;Imperialism in literature.;Imperialism in motion pictures.
Publisher: University of Hawai{mllhring}i Press,
Author: Geiger, Jeffrey.

Title: Facing the unexpected: disaster preparedness and response in the United States /, [Yr: c2001.]
Subject: Emergency management;Disaster relief
Publisher: Joseph Henry Press,
Author: Tierney, Kathleen J.

Title: Facing the wild: ecotourism, conservation, and animal encounters /, [Yr: 2005.]
Subject: Ecotourism.;Nature conservation.
Publisher: Earthscan,
Author: Bulbeck, Chilla,

Title: Facing the wind: a true story of tragedy and reconciliation /, [Yr: c2001.]
Subject: Murder;Family violence;Uxoricide
Publisher: Random House,
Author: Salamon, Julie.

Title: Facing up to the American dream: race, class, and the soul of the nation /, [Yr: c1995.]
Subject: African Americans;African Americans;Social classes
Publisher: Princeton University Press,
Author: Hochschild, Jennifer L.,

Title: Faconner l'avenir, [Yr: c2003.]
Subject: Health planning.;Public health administration.;Health services administration.;Epidemics;World health.
Publisher: Organisation mondiale de la Sante,
Author: Beaglehole, R.

Title: Fact and fiction in economics: models, realism and social construction /, [Yr: 2002.]
Subject: Economics;Economics
Publisher: Cambridge University Press,

Title: Fact and value in emotion, [Yr: c2008.]
Subject: Emotions.;Psychology.
Publisher: John Benjamins Pub. Co.,

Title: Facteurs de transition: de la micro-entreprise {grave}a l'entreprise capitaliste moderne en R{acute}epublique d{acute}emocratique du Congo /, [Yr: 2008.]
Subject: Capitalism;Small business;New business enterprises;Entrepreneurship.
Publisher: Codesria,

Title: Factors affecting contraceptive use in Sub-Saharan Africa, [Yr: 1993.]
Subject: Contraception;Birth control
Publisher: National Academy Press,

Title: Factors affecting the utilization of the International Space Station for research in the biological and physical sciences, [Yr: 2003.]
Subject: Space biology;Life sciences;Physical sciences
Publisher: National Academies Press,

Title: Facts and artefacts: art in the Islamic world : festschrift for Jens Kr{uml}oger on his 65th birthday /, [Yr: 2007.]
Subject: Islamic art.
Publisher: Brill,

Title: Facts and mysteries in elementary particle physics, [Yr: c2003.]
Subject: Particles (Nuclear physics)
Publisher: World Scientific Pub.,
Author: Veltman, Martinus.

Title: FACTS controllers in power transmission and distributio, [Yr: c2007.]
Subject: Flexible AC transmission systems.;Electric power transmission;Electric power distribution
Publisher: New Age International (P) Ltd., Publishers,
Author: Padiyar, K. R.

Title: Facts on the ground: archaeological practice and territorial self-fashioning in Israeli society /, [Yr: c2001.]
Subject: Excavations (Archaeology);Ethnoarchaeology;Archaeology and history;Archaeology;Archaeology
Publisher: University of Chicago Press,
Author: Abu El-Haj, Nadia.

Title: Facts, values, and norms: essays toward a morality of consequence /, [Yr: 2003.]
Subject: Ethics.
Publisher: Cambridge University Press,
Author: Railton, Peter Albert.

Title: FACTS: modelling and simulation in power networks /, [Yr: c2004.]
Subject: Flexible AC transmission systems.;Electricity.
Publisher: Wiley,

Title: Faculty misconduct in collegiate teaching, [Yr: 1999.]
Subject: College teachers;College teaching
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press,
Author: Braxton, John M.

Title: Facundo: civilization and barbarism : the first complete English translation /, [Yr: 2003.]
Publisher: University of California Press,
Author: Sarmiento, Domingo Faustino,

Title: Fads, fallacies and foolishness in medical care management and policy, [Yr: c2007.]
Subject: Managed care plans (Medical care);Medical policy.;Medical economics.
Publisher: World Scientific,
Author: Marmor, Theodore R.

Title: Faeries, bears, and leathermen: men in community queering the masculine /, [Yr: 2008.]
Subject: Gay men;Male homosexuality.
Publisher: University of Chicago Press,
Author: Hennen, Peter.

Title: Failed diplomacy: the tragic story of how North Korea got the bomb /, [Yr: c2007.]
Subject: Nuclear nonproliferation;Nuclear weapons
Publisher: Brookings Institution Press,
Author: Pritchard, Charles L.

Title: Failed stars and super planets: a report based on the January 1998 Workshop on Substellar-Mass Objects /, [Yr: 1998.]
Subject: Planets.;Stars.
Publisher: National Academy Press,

Title: Failed transition, bleak future?: war and instability in Central Asia and the Caucasus /, [Yr: 2002.]
Publisher: Praeger,
Author: Peimani, Hooman,

Title: Failing teachers?, [Yr: 2000.]
Subject: Teacher effectiveness
Publisher: Routledge,

Title: Failing the crystal ball test: the Carter administration and the fundamentalist revolution in Iran /, [Yr: 2000.]
Subject: Islamic fundamentalism
Publisher: Praeger,
Author: Seliktar, Ofira.

Title: Failing to win: perceptions of victory and defeat in international politics /, [Yr: 2006.]
Subject: War;War;International relations;International relations;World politics.
Publisher: Harvard University Press,
Author: Johnson, Dominic D. P.,

Title: Failure analysis of engineering structures : methodology and case histories, [Yr: 2005.]
Subject: Structural failures.;Structural failures;Structural analysis (Engineering);Structural analysis (Engineering)
Publisher: ASM International,

Title: Failure of empire: Valens and the Roman state in the fourth century A.D. /, [Yr: 2002.]
Publisher: University of California Press,
Author: Lenski, Noel Emmanuel,

Title: Failure of the central European bourgeoisie, [Yr: 2006.]
Subject: Cities and towns;Feudalism;Middle class
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan,
Author: Szel{acute}enyi, Bal{acute}azs A.

Title: Faint praise: the plight of book reviewing in America /, [Yr: c2007.]
Subject: Book reviewing
Publisher: University of Missouri Press,
Author: Pool, Gail,

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