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Title: E pluribus unum: nineteenth-century American literature & the Constitutional paradox /, [Yr: c2005.]
Subject: American literature;Cultural pluralism in literature.;Politics and literature;Literature and society;Group identity in literature.;Individualism in literature.
Publisher: University of Iowa Press,
Author: Harris, W. C.

Title: E-Books in libraries, [Yr: c2007.]
Subject: Electronic books.;Digital libraries.
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing,

Title: E-business, [Yr: 2004.]
Subject: Electronic commerce.;Information superhighway.
Publisher: Emerald Group Pub.,

Title: E-business and e-challenges, [Yr: c2002.]
Subject: Electronic commerce.;Information technology.;Technological innovations.
Publisher: IOS Press,

Title: E-business globalization solution design guide: getting started /, [Yr: 2002.]
Subject: Electronic commerce.
Publisher: IBM,

Title: E-business in construction, [Yr: 2008.]
Subject: Construction industry.;Electronic commerce.
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell,

Title: E-business in the 21st century: realities, challenges, and outlook /, [Yr: c2010.]
Subject: Electronic commerce.;Customer relations
Publisher: World Scientific,
Author: Xu, Jun,

Title: e-Business intelligence: turning information into knowledge into profit /, [Yr: c2001.]
Subject: Business intelligence.;Electronic commerce.
Publisher: McGraw-Hill,
Author: Liautaud, Bernard,

Title: E-business management: integration of Web technologies with business models /, [Yr: c2003.]
Subject: Electronic commerce;Business enterprises
Publisher: Kluwer Academic,

Title: E-business or out of business: Oracle's roadmap for profiting in the new economy /, [Yr: c2001.]
Subject: Web site development industry;Internet industry;Electronic commerce
Publisher: McGraw-Hill,
Author: Barrenechea, Mark J.

Title: E-business process management, [Yr: 2004.]
Subject: Electronic commerce.;Management.
Publisher: Emerald Group Pub.,

Title: E-commerce and digital manufacturing, [Yr: c2002.]
Subject: Computer integrated manufacturing systems.;Electronic commerce.
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing,

Title: E-commerce and the digital economy, [Yr: c2006.]
Subject: Electronic commerce.;Commerce
Publisher: M.E. Sharpe,

Title: E-commerce hosting solutions guide using WebSphere Commerce V5.5 business edition, [Yr: 2004.]
Subject: Electronic commerce;Web sites;Business enterprises
Publisher: IBM, International Technical Support Organization,

Title: E-commerce in SMEs conceptual contextual and empirical perspectives, [Yr: c2004.]
Subject: Small business.;Electronic commerce.
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing,

Title: E-commerce in the Asian context: selected case studies /, [Yr: 2005.]
Subject: Electronic commerce
Publisher: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies :;International Development Research Centre,

Title: E-commerce relationship marketing, [Yr: c2004.]
Subject: Electronic commerce.;Relationship marketing.
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing,

Title: E-commerce: an Emerald guide., [Yr: c2005.]
Subject: Commerce.;Electronic commerce.
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing,

Title: E-cycling: linking trade and environmental law in the EC and the U.S. /, [Yr: c2006.]
Subject: Industrial ecology.;Manufacturing industries
Publisher: Transnational Publishers,
Author: Kalimo, Harri.

Title: E-development: from excitement to effectiveness /, [Yr: 2005.]
Subject: Information technology;Technology and state;Information society
Publisher: World Bank,

Title: e-Governance, [Yr: 2009.]
Subject: Internet in public administration.
Publisher: Himalaya Pub. House,
Author: Pani, Niranjan.

Title: e-Governance, [Yr: 2007.]
Subject: Internet in public administration.;Internet in public administration
Publisher: ABD Publishers,
Author: Rao, V. M.

Title: E-Governance in Africa, from theory to action: a handbook on ICTs for local governance /, [Yr: c2007.]
Subject: Internet in public administration;Information technology
Publisher: Africa World Press ;;International Development Research Centre,
Author: Misuraca, Gianluca.

Title: E-governance: a global perspective on a new paradigm /, [Yr: c2007.]
Subject: Internet in public administration;Electronic government information
Publisher: IOS Press,

Title: E-government, [Yr: c2006.]
Subject: Electronic commerce.;Internet in public administration.
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing,

Title: E-government, [Yr: c2006.]
Subject: Internet in public administration.;Electronic commerce.
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing,

Title: E-government workshop 2005 (eGOV05), [Yr: 2007.]
Subject: Internet in public administration;Electronic government information
Publisher: Emerald,

Title: E-health: current situation and examples of implemented and beneficial e-health applications /, [Yr: c2004.]
Subject: Medical telematics.;Medical informatics.;Communication in public health.
Publisher: IOS Press,

Title: e-HR: using intranets to improve the effectiveness of your people /, [Yr: c2003.]
Subject: Intranets (Computer networks);Personnel management
Publisher: Gower,
Author: Hopkins, Bryan,

Title: E-Learning, [Yr: 2004.]
Subject: Distance education.;Internet in education.
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing Limited,
Author: Roffe, Ian.

Title: E-learning 2.0: proven practices and emerging technologies to achieve real results /, [Yr: c2009.]
Subject: Employees;Employees;Organizational learning.;Internet in education.
Publisher: AMACOM/American Management Association,
Author: Rosen, Anita.

Title: E-learning for business: an Emerald guide., [Yr: c2005.]
Subject: Business education;Internet in education.
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing,

Title: e-learning for management and marketing in libraries, [Yr: 2005.]
Subject: Distance education.;Internet in education.;Libraries
Publisher: K.G. Saur,

Title: E-learning groups and communities, [Yr: 2006.]
Subject: Education, Higher;Instructional systems
Publisher: Open University Press in association with the Society for Research into Higher Education,
Author: McConnell, David,

Title: E-learning in the workplace, [Yr: c2005.]
Subject: Employees;Internet in education.
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing,

Title: E-learning: strategies for delivering knowledge in the digital age /, [Yr: c2001.]
Subject: World Wide Web.;Internet in education.;Computer-assisted instruction.
Publisher: McGraw-Hill,
Author: Rosenberg, Marc Jeffrey.

Title: e-Libraries in 21st century, [Yr: 2008.]
Subject: Digital libraries.
Publisher: ABD Publishers,
Author: Kaul, A. K.

Title: E-mail etiquette: how to get the best results from your e-mails., [Yr: 2004.]
Subject: Business writing.;Electronic mail messages.
Publisher: Bloomsbury,

Title: E-mail marketing for dummies, [Yr: c2008.]
Subject: Internet marketing.;Electronic mail messages.
Publisher: Wiley,
Author: Arnold, John.

Title: E-mail: legal issues /, [Yr: 2004.]
Subject: Electronic mail systems.;Internet;Business law
Publisher: Thorogood,
Author: Singleton, Susan.

Title: E-manufacturing towards global engineering, [Yr: c2007.]
Subject: Production engineering;Computer integrated manufacturing systems.
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing,

Title: E-religion: a critical appraisal of religious discourse on the World Wide Web /, [Yr: c2006.]
Subject: Internet;Cyberspace
Publisher: Equinox,
Author: Karaflogka, Anastasia.

Title: E-Service: new directions in theory and practice /, [Yr: c2002.]
Subject: Electronic commerce.;Customer services.
Publisher: M.E. Sharpe,

Title: E-strategy pure & simple: connecting your internet strategy to your business strategy /, [Yr: c2001.]
Subject: Electronic commerce.;Electronic commerce;Strategic planning.
Publisher: McGraw-Hill,
Author: Robert, Michel,

Title: e-technology and manufacturing enterprise competitiveness, [Yr: 2006.]
Subject: Business logistics.;Industrial management.
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing,
Author: Ketikidis, Dr. Panayiotis H.

Title: E-topia: "Urban life, Jim--but not as we know it" /, [Yr: c1999.]
Subject: Telecommunication;Computer networks;Information superhighway;Cities and towns.
Publisher: MIT Press,
Author: Mitchell, William J.

Title: E-vision 2002: shaping our future by reducing energy intensity in the U.S. economy /, [Yr: 2003.]
Subject: Energy policy;Energy consumption;Industries;Industrial productivity
Publisher: RAND,
Author: Ortiz, David

Title: E. E. Cummings, [Yr: 1969.]
Subject: Authors, American
Publisher: University of Minnesota Press,
Author: Triem, Eve,

Title: E. Franklin Frazier and Black bourgeoisie, [Yr: c2002.]
Subject: African Americans;Middle class;African American intellectuals;African American sociologists
Publisher: University of Missouri Press,

Title: E.L. Doctorow's skeptical commitment, [Yr: c2000.]
Subject: Politics and literature;Political fiction, American
Publisher: Peter Lang,
Author: Tokarczyk, Michelle M.,

Title: E.M. Forster, [Yr: 1973.]
Subject: English literature
Publisher: Routledge & Kegan Paul,

Title: E.M. Forster: an endless journey /, [Yr: 2008.]
Publisher: Book Enclave,
Author: Singh, B. K.

Title: E.M. Forster: the novels /, [Yr: 2002.]
Subject: English literature
Publisher: Palgrave,
Author: Edwards, Mike,

Title: Eadmer of Canterbury: lives and miracles of Saints Oda, Dunstan, and Oswald /, [Yr: 2006.]
Subject: Saints
Publisher: Clarendon Press :;Oxford University Press,
Author: Eadmer,

Title: Eager to learn: educating our preschoolers /, [Yr: c2001.]
Subject: Education, Preschool;Learning
Publisher: National Academy Press,

Title: Eagle days: a Marine legal/infantry officer in Vietnam /, [Yr: c2007.]
Subject: Vietnam War, 1961-1975;Soldiers
Publisher: University of Alabama Press,
Author: Griffis, Don W.

Title: Eagle minds: selected correspondence of Istvan Anhalt and George Rochberg (1961-2005) /, [Yr: 2007.]
Subject: Composers
Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier University Press,
Author: Anhalt, Istv{acute}an.

Title: Eagle's nest: Ismaili castles in Iran and Syria /, [Yr: 2005.]
Subject: Castles;Castles
Publisher: I.B. Tauris ;;In association with The Institute of Ismaili Studies,
Author: Willey, Peter.

Title: Eagles on their buttons: a Black infantry regiment in the Civil War /, [Yr: c1999.]
Subject: African American soldiers
Publisher: University of Missouri Press,
Author: Washington, Versalle F.,

Title: Eakins revealed: the secret life of an American artist /, [Yr: 2005.]
Subject: Artists
Publisher: Oxford University Press,
Author: Adams, Henry,

Title: Ear diseases of the dog and cat, [Yr: c2001.]
Subject: Cats;Dogs;Ear;Otitis in animals.;Pet medicine.
Publisher: Manson/Veterinary Press,
Author: Harvey, Richard G.

Title: Ear, nose, throat, and tracheobronchial diseases in dogs and cats, [Yr: c2005.]
Subject: Pet medicine.;Dogs;Cats;Otolaryngology.
Publisher: Schl{uml}utersche,
Author: Venker-van Haagen, Anjop J.

Title: Early American women critics: performance, religion, race /, [Yr: 2006.]
Subject: Women critics;Critical theory.
Publisher: Cambridge University Press,
Author: Cima, Gay Gibson,

Title: Early care and education for children in poverty: promises, programs, and long-term results /, [Yr: c1998.]
Subject: Poor children;Poor children;Child care
Publisher: State University of New York Press,

Title: Early category and concept development: making sense of the blooming, buzzing confusion /, [Yr: c2003.]
Subject: Cognition in infants.;Perception in infants.
Publisher: Oxford University Press,

Title: Early child development from measurement to action: a priority for growth and equity /, [Yr: c2007.]
Subject: Child development.;Child welfare.;Early childhood education.;Children;Evaluation research (Social action programs)
Publisher: World Bank,

Title: Early childhood and primary education: readings and reflections /, [Yr: 2010.]
Subject: Early childhood education.;Education, Primary.
Publisher: McGraw-Hill :;Open University Press,
Author: Johnston, Jane.

Title: Early childhood assessment: why, what, and how /, [Yr: c2008.]
Subject: Children with social disabilities;Child development;Competency-based education
Publisher: National Academies Press,

Title: Early childhood care and education in Canada, [Yr: c2000.]
Subject: Child care services;Day care centers;Early childhood education
Publisher: Childcare Resource and Research Unit,

Title: Early childhood counts: a programming guide on early childhood care for development /, [Yr: c2000.]
Subject: Child development.;Child care.;Early childhood education.
Publisher: World Bank,
Author: Evans, Judith L.

Title: Early childhood development and learning: new knowledge for policy /, [Yr: c2001.]
Subject: Child development;Early childhood education
Publisher: National Academy Press,

Title: Early childhood education and care: policy and practice /, [Yr: 2007.]
Subject: Early childhood education;Child care
Publisher: SAGE Publications,

Title: Early childhood education, postcolonial theory, and teaching practices in India: balancing Vygotsky and the Veda /, [Yr: 2006.]
Subject: Education, Primary;Constructivism (Education);Postcolonialism.
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan,
Author: Gupta, Amita,

Title: Early childhood education: society and culture /, [Yr: 2004.]
Subject: Early childhood education.;Education, Primary.
Publisher: SAGE,

Title: Early childhood educational research: issues in methodology and ethics /, [Yr: 2000.]
Subject: Early childhood education;Early childhood education
Publisher: RoutledgeFalmer Press,

Title: Early childhood intervention: views from the field : report of a workshop /, [Yr: c2000.]
Subject: Child care services;Child development;Child welfare
Publisher: National Academy Press,

Title: Early childhood interventions: proven results, future promise /, [Yr: 2005.]
Subject: Children with social disabilities;Children with social disabilities;Child welfare;Early childhood education;Child care services;Public welfare
Publisher: Rand,
Author: Karoly, Lynn A.,

Title: Early Christian Ireland, [Yr: 2000.]
Publisher: Cambridge University Press,
Author: Charles-Edwards, T. M.

Title: Early Christian Latin poets, [Yr: 2000.]
Subject: Christian poetry, Latin;Christianity and literature
Publisher: Routledge,
Author: White, Carolinne.

Title: Early Christian literature and intertextuality, [Yr: 2009.]
Subject: Christian literature, Early;Intertextuality in the Bible.;Rabbinical literature
Publisher: T & T Clark,

Title: Early Christian literature and intertextuality, [Yr: 2009.]
Subject: Christian literature, Early;Intertextuality in the Bible.;Rabbinical literature
Publisher: T & T Clark,

Title: Early Christian remains of Inner Mongolia: discovery, reconstruction and appropriation /, [Yr: 2008.]
Subject: Christianity
Publisher: Brill,
Author: Halbertsma, Tjalling,

Title: Early Christianity and classical culture: comparative studies in honor of Abraham J. Malherbe /, [Yr: 2003.]
Subject: Christianity and other religions;Christianity and other religions
Publisher: Brill,

Title: Early Christians and animals, [Yr: 1999.]
Subject: Animals
Publisher: Routledge,
Author: Grant, Robert M.

Title: Early civilization in Asia, [Yr: c1997.]
Publisher: Magellan Geographix,

Title: Early detection and cognitive therapy for people at high risk of developing psychosis: a treatment approach /, [Yr: c2004.]
Subject: Psychoses;Psychoses;Psychoses;Cognitive therapy.
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons,
Author: French, Paul,

Title: Early detection and management of mental disorders, [Yr: c2005.]
Subject: Mental illness;Mental illness;Psychiatry.
Publisher: J. Wiley,

Title: Early detection: women, cancer, & awareness campaigns in the twentieth-century United States /, [Yr: c2006.]
Subject: Cancer in women;Cancer in women
Publisher: University of North Carolina Press,
Author: Gardner, Kirsten E.

Title: Early development and its disturbances: clinical, conceptual and empirical research on ADHD and other psychopathologies and its epistemological reflections /, [Yr: 2010.]
Subject: Developmental psychology.;Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.
Publisher: Karnac,

Title: Early Earth systems: a geochemical approach /, [Yr: 2007.]
Subject: Geochemistry.;Historical geology.
Publisher: Blackwell Pub.,
Author: Rollinson, Hugh R.

Title: Early education reformed, [Yr: 1999.]
Subject: Education.;Teaching.
Publisher: Falmer Press,

Title: Early experience and the life path, [Yr: 2000.]
Subject: Child psychology.;Parental deprivation.
Publisher: Jessica Kinglsey,
Author: Clarke, Ann M.

Title: Early French and German defenses of freedom of the press: Elie Luzac's essay on Freedom of expression, 1749 and Carl Friedrich Bahrdt's On freedom of the press and its limits, 1787 in English translation /, [Yr: 2003.]
Subject: Freedom of the press;Freedom of the press
Publisher: Brill,

Title: Early globalization and the economic development of the United States and Brazil, [Yr: 2002.]
Subject: Globalization.
Publisher: Praeger,
Author: DeWitt, John,

Title: Early Greece, c. 2000-1100 BCE, [Yr: c1999.]
Publisher: Maps.com,

Title: Early historic sites in Orissa, [Yr: 2006.]
Subject: Historic sites;Excavations (Archaeology)
Publisher: Pragun Publications :;Distributed by D.K. Publishers Distributors,
Author: Yule, Paul.

Title: Early Islamic legal theory: the Ris{macr}ala of Mu{dotb}hammad ibn Idr{macr}is al-Sh{macr}afi{mllhring}{macr}i /, [Yr: 2007.]
Subject: Islamic law;Shafiites
Publisher: Brill,
Author: Lowry, Joseph E.

Title: Early Jewish prayers in Greek, [Yr: c2008.]
Subject: Judaism;Greek literature;Judaism;Judaism;Prayer;Jews
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter,
Author: Horst, Pieter Willem van der.

Title: Early keyboard instruments: a practical guide /, [Yr: 2001.]
Subject: Keyboard instruments.;Keyboard instrument music;Performance practice (Music)
Publisher: Cambridge University Press,
Author: Rowland, David,

Title: Early language development: bridging brain and behaviour /, [Yr: c2008.]
Subject: Language acquisition.;Neurophysiology.
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing,

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