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Title: D-branes, [Yr: 2003.]
Subject: D-branes.
Publisher: Cambridge University Press,
Author: Johnson, Clifford V.

Title: D-Day in the Pacific: the battle of Saipan /, [Yr: c2007.]
Subject: Saipan, Battle of, Northern Mariana Islands, 1944.
Publisher: Indiana University Press,
Author: Goldberg, Harold J.

Title: D. Allan Bromley, nuclear scientist and policy innovator: proceedings of the Memorial Symposium in Honor of D. Allan Bromley, Yale University, USA 8-9 December 2005 /, [Yr: c2006.]
Subject: Nuclear physics;Science and state
Publisher: World Scientific,

Title: D. H. Lawrence, [Yr: [1970]]
Subject: English literature
Publisher: Routledge & K. Paul,

Title: D.H. Lawrence and Germany: the politics of influence /, [Yr: 2007.]
Subject: English fiction;German literature
Publisher: Rodopi,
Author: Krockel, Carl.

Title: D.H. Lawrence and survival: Darwinism in the fiction of the transitional period /, [Yr: c2003.]
Subject: Anxiety in literature.;Evolution (Biology) in literature.;Fiction;Misogyny in literature.;Survival in literature.;Women in literature.
Publisher: McGill-Queen's University Press,
Author: Granofsky, Ronald,

Title: D.H. Lawrence's language of sacred experience: the transfiguration of the reader /, [Yr: 2005.]
Subject: Religion and literature;Religious fiction, English;Reader-response criticism.;Holy, The, in literature.;Religion in literature.
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan,
Author: Burack, Charles Michael.

Title: D.Z. Phillips' contemplative philosophy of religion: questions and responses /, [Yr: c2007.]
Subject: Religion
Publisher: Ashgate,

Title: Dada culture: critical texts on the avant-garde /, [Yr: 2006.]
Subject: Avant-garde (Aesthetics);Dadaism;Dadaism;Human figure in art.
Publisher: Rodopi,

Title: Dada East: the Romanians of Cabaret Voltaire /, [Yr: c2006.]
Subject: Arts, Romanian;Avant-garde (Aesthetics);Dadaism;Jewish artists
Publisher: MIT Press,
Author: Sandqvist, Tom.

Title: Daddy Grace: a celebrity preacher and his House of Prayer /, [Yr: c2007.]
Publisher: New York University Press,
Author: Dallam, Marie W.

Title: Dagestan: Russian hegemony and Islamic resistance in the North Caucasus /, [Yr: 2010.]
Subject: Islam;Islam;Muslims
Publisher: M.E. Sharpe, Inc.,
Author: Ware, Robert Bruce.

Title: Daily life in the United States, 1920-1939: decades of promise and pain /, [Yr: 2002.]
Subject: Nineteen twenties.;Nineteen thirties.
Publisher: Greenwood Press,
Author: Kyvig, David E.

Title: Daily life in traditional China: the Tang dynasty /, [Yr: 2002.]
Publisher: Greenwood Press,
Author: Benn, Charles D.,

Title: Daily life of the ancient Egyptians, [Yr: 1999.]
Publisher: Greenwood Press,
Author: Brier, Bob.

Title: Daily modernism: the literary diaries of Virginia Woolf, Antonia White, Elizabeth Smart, and Ana{uml}is Nin /, [Yr: c2000.]
Subject: English diaries;Authors, English;Authors, American;Authors, Canadian;Women and literature;Diaries;Modernism (Literature);Modernism (Literature);Modernism (Literature)
Publisher: McGill-Queen's University Press,
Author: Podnieks, Elizabeth.

Title: Dairy chemistry and animal nutrition, [Yr: 2008.]
Subject: Dairy products;Milk;Agricultural chemistry.;Animal nutrition.
Publisher: Manglam Publications,
Author: Chhazllani, V. K.

Title: Dairy goats feeding and nutrition, [Yr: 2008.]
Subject: Goats;Goats
Publisher: CABI,

Title: Dairy microbiology, [Yr: 2009.]
Subject: Dairy microbiology.;Dairy processing.
Publisher: Aavishkar Publishers, Distributors,
Author: Modi, H. A.

Title: Dairy processing: maximising quality /, [Yr: 2003.]
Subject: Dairy processing.;Dairying.
Publisher: CRC Press ;;Woodhead Pub.,

Title: Dairy sheep nutrition, [Yr: c2004.]
Subject: Ewes;Ewes;Sheep milk.;Sheep;Sheep
Publisher: CABI Pub.,

Title: Dairy technology: principles of milk properties and processes /, [Yr: c1999.]
Subject: Dairy processing.;Milk.;Dairy products.
Publisher: Marcel Dekker,

Title: Daisy Bates: civil rights crusader from Arkansas /, [Yr: 2005.]
Subject: African American women civil rights workers;African Americans;Civil rights workers;Civil rights movements;School integration
Publisher: University Press of Mississippi,
Author: Stockley, Grif.

Title: Daisy Miller: a study in two parts /, [Yr: c2001.]
Subject: Americans;Young women;American literature
Publisher: Electric Book Co.,
Author: James, Henry,

Title: Dakar, [Yr: c1997.]
Subject: Roads;Harbors
Publisher: Maps.com,

Title: Dalit theology and Dalit liberation: problems, paradigms and possibilities /, [Yr: 2010.]
Subject: Christianity;Dalits;Liberation theology
Publisher: Ashgate Pub. Ltd.,
Author: Rajkumar, Peniel.

Title: Dallas/Ft. Worth, [Yr: c2001.]
Subject: Roads;Roads
Publisher: Maps.com,

Title: Dam foundation grouting, [Yr: c2007.]
Subject: Dams;Grouting.
Publisher: ASCE Press,
Author: Weaver, Ken

Title: Damage: the personal costs of political change in Zimbabwe /, [Yr: 2009.]
Subject: Political violence
Publisher: Weaver Press,

Title: Damaged goods?: women living with incurable sexually transmitted diseases /, [Yr: 2008.]
Subject: Sexually transmitted diseases;Women;Papillomavirus diseases;Herpes genitalis
Publisher: Temple University Press,
Author: Nack, Adina,

Title: Dame Kathleen Kenyon: digging up the Holy Land /, [Yr: c2008.]
Subject: Women archaeologists;Archaeologists;Women archaeologists;Archaeologists;Excavations (Archaeology)
Publisher: Left Coast Press,
Author: Davis, Miriam C.

Title: Dames in the driver's seat: rereading film noir /, [Yr: c2005.]
Subject: Film noir;Sex role in motion pictures.;Race in motion pictures.;Social classes in motion pictures.
Publisher: University of Texas Press,
Author: Wager, Jans B.,

Title: Damn Senators: my grandfather and the story of Washington's only World Series championship /, [Yr: 2003.]
Subject: Baseball players
Publisher: Encounter Books,
Author: Judge, Mark Gauvreau,

Title: Damned for their difference: the cultural construction of deaf people as disabled : a sociological history /, [Yr: 2002.]
Subject: Deaf.;Deaf
Publisher: Gallaudet University Press,
Author: Branson, Jan.

Title: Damned women: lesbians in French novels, 1796-1996 /, [Yr: c2000.]
Subject: Lesbians in literature.;French fiction
Publisher: McGill-Queen's University Press,
Author: Waelti-Walters, Jennifer R.

Title: Damp indoor spaces and health, [Yr: c2004.]
Subject: Indoor air pollution;Dampness in buildings;Air;Housing and health.
Publisher: National Academies Press,

Title: Dams as aid: a political anatomy of Nordic development thinking /, [Yr: 1997.]
Subject: Water resources development;Dams;Dams;Economic assistance, Scandinavian.
Publisher: Routledge,

Title: Dan Poynter's self-publishing manual: how to write, print and sell your own book /, [Yr: 2006.]
Subject: Self-publishing
Publisher: Para Pub.,
Author: Poynter, Dan.

Title: Danang, [Yr: c1997.]
Subject: Roads;Harbors
Publisher: Maps.com,

Title: Dance and authenticity in Israel and Palestine: performing the nation /, [Yr: 2003.]
Subject: Folk dancing;Folk dancing;Folk dancing;Folk dancing;Jewish-Arab relations.
Publisher: Brill,
Author: Kaschl, Elke.

Title: Dance anecdotes: stories from the worlds of ballet, Broadway, the ballroom, and modern dance /, [Yr: 2006.]
Subject: Dance;Dancers
Publisher: Oxford University Press,
Author: Aloff, Mindy,

Title: Dance hall days: intimacy and leisure among working-class immigrants in the United States /, [Yr: c2000.]
Subject: Sex role;Man-woman relationships;Leisure;Working class;Immigrants
Publisher: New York University Press,
Author: McBee, Randy D.

Title: Dance is a moment: a portrait of Jos{acute}e Lim{acute}on in words and pictures /, [Yr: c1993.]
Subject: Dancers;Choreographers
Publisher: Princeton Book Co.,
Author: Pollack, Barbara.

Title: Dance movement therapy: a creative psychotherapeutic approach /, [Yr: 2002.]
Subject: Dance therapy.;Movement therapy.
Publisher: Sage Publications,
Author: Meekums, Bonnie.

Title: Dance of life: popular music and politics in Southeast Asia /, [Yr: c1998.]
Subject: Popular music;Music and state
Publisher: University of Hawai{mllhring}i Press,
Author: Lockard, Craig A.

Title: Dance of the nomad: a study of the selected notebooks of A.D. Hope /, [Yr: 2005.]
Subject: English litereature.
Publisher: Pandanus Books,
Author: McCulloch, A. M.

Title: Dance, modernity, and culture: explorations in the sociology of dance /, [Yr: 1995.]
Subject: Dance;Modern dance
Publisher: Routledge,
Author: Thomas, Helen,

Title: Dancing at the dawn of agriculture, [Yr: 2003.]
Subject: Art, Prehistoric;Art, Prehistoric;Dance in art.;Dance, Prehistoric;Dance, Prehistoric;Agriculture, Prehistoric;Agriculture, Prehistoric
Publisher: University of Texas Press,
Author: Garfinkel, Yosef.

Title: Dancing fear & desire: race, sexuality and imperial politics in Middle Eastern dance /, [Yr: 2004.]
Subject: Belly dance;Belly dance;Belly dance;Belly dance;Gender identity in dance.;Homosexuality and dance.;Male dancers.
Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier University Press,
Author: Karayanni, Stavros Stavrou,

Title: Dancing for dollars and paying for love: the relationships between exotic dancers and their regulars /, [Yr: c2006.]
Subject: Stripteasers.;Desire.;Sex.;Man-woman relationships.
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan,
Author: Egan, R. Danielle.

Title: Dancing from past to present: nation, culture, identities /, [Yr: c2006.]
Subject: Dance;Dance
Publisher: University of Wisconsin Press,

Title: Dancing from the heart: movement, gender, and Cook Islands globalization /, [Yr: c2009.]
Subject: Dance;Culture and globalization;Sex role
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press,
Author: Alexeyeff, Kalissa.

Title: Dancing in the distraction factory: music television and popular culture /, [Yr: 1992.]
Subject: Music videos.;Television and music.;Television
Publisher: University of Minnesota Press,
Author: Goodwin, Andrew,

Title: Dancing in your head: jazz, blues, rock, and beyond /, [Yr: 1994.]
Subject: Popular music;Jazz
Publisher: Oxford University Press,
Author: Santoro, Gene.

Title: Dancing many drums: excavations in African American dance /, [Yr: c2002.]
Subject: African American dance;African Americans
Publisher: University of Wisconsin Press,

Title: Dancing revelations: Alvin Ailey's embodiment of African American culture /, [Yr: 2004.]
Subject: Dancers;Choreographers;African American dance.
Publisher: Oxford University Press,
Author: DeFrantz, Thomas.

Title: Dancing the self: personhood and performance in the P{macr}a{dotb}n{dotb}dav l{macr}il{macr}a of Garhwal /, [Yr: 2002.]
Subject: P{macr}a{dotb}n{dotb}dava l{macr}il{macr}a.;Self-presentation in literature.;Folk drama
Publisher: Oxford University Press,
Author: Sax, William Sturman,

Title: Dancing with broken bones: portraits of death and dying among inner-city poor /, [Yr: 2004.]
Subject: Urban poor;Terminal care;Death
Publisher: Oxford University Press,
Author: Moller, David Wendell.

Title: Dancing with dementia: my story of living positively with dementia /, [Yr: 2005.]
Subject: Dementia;Alzheimer's disease
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley,
Author: Bryden, Christine,

Title: Dancing with ghosts: a critical biography of Arturo Islas /, [Yr: c2005.]
Subject: Authors, American;English teachers;Mexican Americans;Mexican American authors;Mexican Americans in literature.
Publisher: University of California Press,
Author: Aldama, Frederick Luis,

Title: Dancing with giants: China, India, and the global economy /, [Yr: 2007.]
Subject: Economics.
Publisher: World Bank :;Institute of Policy Studies,

Title: Dancing with life: tales from the township /, [Yr: c2008.]
Subject: Short stories, Zimbabwean (English);Short stories
Publisher: 'amaBooks,
Author: Mlalazi, Christopher.

Title: Dancing with the tiger: learning sustainability step by natural step /, [Yr: c2002.]
Subject: Management;Business;Environmental protection;Sustainable development
Publisher: New Society Publishers,
Author: Nattrass, Brian F.

Title: Dancing with words: signing for hearing children's literacy /, [Yr: 2001.]
Subject: Sign language.;American Sign Language.;Literacy.;Language acquisition.;Language arts (Elementary)
Publisher: Bergin & Garvey,
Author: Daniels, Marilyn.

Title: Dane County place-names, [Yr: c2009.]
Subject: Names, Geographical
Publisher: University of Wisconsin Press,
Author: Cassidy, Frederic Gomes,

Title: Danger in the field: risk and ethics in social research /, [Yr: 2000.]
Subject: Social scientists;Social scientists;Social sciences
Publisher: Routledge,

Title: Dangerous adolescents, model adolescents: shaping the role and promise of education /, [Yr: c2002.]
Subject: Education, Secondary;Teenagers;Problem children;Educational law and legislation
Publisher: Kluwer Academic/Plenum,
Author: Levesque, Roger J. R.

Title: Dangerous and severe: process, programme, and person : Grendon's work /, [Yr: 2004.]
Subject: Antisocial personality disorders;Dangerously mentally ill;Mentally ill prisoners;Prisoners;Psychopaths
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers,
Author: Morris, Mark.

Title: Dangerous citizens: the Greek Left and the terror of the state /, [Yr: 2009.]
Subject: Political persecution
Publisher: Fordham University Press,
Author: Panourgi{acute}a, Neni,

Title: Dangerous curves: Latina bodies in the media /, [Yr: 2010.]
Subject: Hispanic American women in mass media.;Popular culture;Mass media and minorities
Publisher: New York University Press,
Author: Molina-Guzm{acute}an, Isabel.

Title: Dangerous donations: northern philanthropy and southern Black education, 1902-1930 /, [Yr: c1999.]
Subject: African Americans;Endowments
Publisher: University of Missouri Press,
Author: Anderson, Eric,

Title: Dangerous emotions, [Yr: c2000.]
Subject: Emotions (Philosophy)
Publisher: University of California Press,
Author: Lingis, Alphonso,

Title: Dangerous encounters-- avoiding perilous situations with autism: a streetwise guide for all emergency responders, retailers, and parents /, [Yr: 2002.]
Subject: Autism;Autism.;Communication in emergency medicine.;Emergency medical personnel.;Risk-taking (Psychology)
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers,
Author: Davis, Bill,

Title: Dangerous food: I Corinthians 8-10 in its context /, [Yr: 1993.]
Subject: Food in the Bible.;Jewish Christians
Publisher: Published for the Canadian Corp. for Studies in Religion by Wilfrid Laurier University Press,
Author: Gooch, Peter David,

Title: Dangerous frames: how ideas about race and gender shape public opinion /, [Yr: 2008.]
Subject: Political psychology;Sex role;Rhetoric;Public opinion
Publisher: University of Chicago Press,
Author: Winter, Nicholas J. G.

Title: Dangerous ground: on the trail of America's failed arms control policy from FDR to Obama /, [Yr: 2010.]
Subject: Arms control;Security, International
Publisher: Nation Books,
Author: Ritter, Scott.

Title: Dangerous harvest: drug plants and the transformation of indigenous landscapes /, [Yr: c2004.]
Subject: Drug traffic.;Drug control.;Drug abuse.
Publisher: Oxford University Press,

Title: Dangerous intimacy: the untold story of Mark Twain's final years /, [Yr: c2004.]
Subject: Authors, American;Authors, American
Publisher: University of California Press,
Author: Lystra, Karen.

Title: Dangerous offenders: punishment and social order /, [Yr: 2000.]
Subject: Recidivists.;Violent offenders.;Violent crimes;Danger perception.;Risk perception.;Criminal law;Punishment;Criminal behavior, Prediction of.
Publisher: Routledge,

Title: Dangerous places: health, safety, and archaeology /, [Yr: 2001.]
Subject: Archaeology;Archaeology;Archaeology;Excavations (Archaeology)
Publisher: Bergin & Garvey,

Title: Dangerous sexualities: medico-moral politics in England since 1830 /, [Yr: 2000.]
Subject: Sexual ethics;Sexual health;Public health
Publisher: Routledge,
Author: Mort, Frank.

Title: Dangerous strait: the U.S.--Taiwan--China crisis /, [Yr: c2005.]
Publisher: Columbia University Press,

Title: Dangerous strangers: minority newcomers and criminal violence in the urban West, 1850-2000 /, [Yr: 2005.]
Subject: Homicide;Minorities;Immigrants;Crime and race.
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan,
Author: Mullen, Kevin J.,

Title: Daniel Bell, [Yr: 1996.]
Subject: Sociologists;Sociology;Conservatism
Publisher: Routledge,
Author: Waters, Malcolm,

Title: Daniel Dennett, [Yr: c2009.]
Publisher: Continuum,
Author: Thompson, David,

Title: Daniel Webster and the oratory of civil religion, [Yr: c2005.]
Subject: Civil religion;Nationalism;Political oratory;Rhetoric;Speeches, addresses, etc., American;Legislators
Publisher: University of Missouri Press,
Author: Smith, Craig R.

Title: Dante & the unorthodox: the aesthetics of transgression /, [Yr: c2005.]
Subject: Christianity in literature.
Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier University Press,

Title: Dante and the Franciscans, [Yr: c2006.]
Publisher: Brill,

Title: Dante and the origins of Italian literary culture, [Yr: 2006.]
Subject: Italian literature
Publisher: Fordham University Press,
Author: Barolini, Teodolinda,

Title: Dante's pluralism and the Islamic philosophy of religion, [Yr: 2006.]
Subject: Islamic eschatology in literature.
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan,
Author: Stone, Gregory B.,

Title: Dante, the Divine comedy, [Yr: 2004.]
Subject: Italian literature.
Publisher: Cambridge University Press,
Author: Kirkpatrick, Robin,

Title: Danteworlds: a reader's guide to the Inferno /, [Yr: 2007.]
Publisher: University of Chicago Press,
Author: Raffa, Guy P.

Title: Dao de jing: the book of the way /, [Yr: c2001.]
Subject: Taoism.
Publisher: University of California Press,
Author: Roberts, Moss,

Title: Daoist identity: history, lineage, and ritual /, [Yr: c2002.]
Subject: Tao.
Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press,

Title: Daphnis: Zeitschrift f{uml}ur mittlere deutsche Literatur und Kultur der fr{uml}uhen Neuzeit (1400-1750)., [Yr: 2008.]
Subject: German literature
Publisher: Rodopi,

Title: Daphnis: Zeitschrift f{uml}ur mittlere deutsche Literatur und Kultur der fr{uml}uhen Neuzeit (1400-1750)., [Yr: 2006.]
Subject: German literature
Publisher: Rodopi,

Title: Dar es Salaam: histories from an emerging African metropolis /, [Yr: 2007.]
Publisher: Mkuki na Nyota Publishers, in association with the Britsih Institute in Eastern Africa, Nairobi ;;Distributed in North America by Michigan State University Press,

Title: Dare professors of educational administration build a new social order: social justice within an American perspective /, [Yr: c2006.]
Subject: Social justice.;School management and organization.
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing,

Title: DARE To Be You: a systems approach to the early prevention of problem behaviors /, [Yr: 2000.]
Subject: Behavior disorders in children.;Behavior disorders in children;Preschool children
Publisher: Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers,
Author: Miller-Heyl, Janet L.,

Title: Darfur: a new history of a long war /, [Yr: 2008.]
Publisher: Zed Books ;;Distributed in the USA exclusively by Palgrave Macmillan,
Author: Flint, Julie.

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