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Title: A 'special relationship'?: Harold Wilson, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Anglo-American relations 'at the summit', 1964-68 /, [Yr: 2004.]
Subject: Summit meetings.
Publisher: Manchester University Press ;;Distributed exclusively in the USA by Palgrave,
Author: Colman, Jonathan.

Title: A 21st century system for evaluating veterans for disability benefits, [Yr: 2007.]
Subject: Disabled veterans;Disability retirement;Military pensions
Publisher: National Academies Press,

Title: A bare and impolitic right: internment and Ukrainian-Canadian redress /, [Yr: c2004.]
Subject: Ukrainians;Ukrainians;Reparations for historical injustices
Publisher: McGill-Queen's University Press,
Author: Kordan, Bohdan S.

Title: A basic Dao: an introduction to the way /, [Yr: 2009.]
Subject: Philosophy, Chinese
Publisher: Long River Press,

Title: A Basic guide to exporting, [Yr: c2000.]
Subject: Export marketing;Export sales contracts
Publisher: World Trade Press,

Title: A basic guide to exporting, [Yr: c2000.]
Subject: Export marketing;Export sales contracts
Publisher: World Trade Press,

Title: A basis for scientific and engineering translation: German-English-German /, [Yr: 2004.]
Subject: Science;Technology;English language;German language
Publisher: J. Benjamins,
Author: Hann, Michael.

Title: A basket of flaming ashes: poems /, [Yr: 2010.]
Subject: Cameroon poetry (English)
Publisher: Langaa Research & Pub.,
Author: Ashuntantang, Joyce B.

Title: A bat man in the tropics: chasing El Duende /, [Yr: c2003.]
Subject: Bats
Publisher: University of California Press,
Author: Fleming, Theodore H.

Title: A beautiful math: John Nash, game theory, and the modern quest for a code of nature /, [Yr: c2006.]
Subject: Game theory.
Publisher: Joseph Henry Press,
Author: Siegfried, Tom,

Title: A beauty that hurts: life and death in Guatemala /, [Yr: c2010.]
Subject: Mayas;Indians of Central America;Human rights
Publisher: University of Texas Press,
Author: Lovell, W. George

Title: A beggar's art: scripting modernity in Japanese drama, 1900-1930 /, [Yr: c2010.]
Subject: Japanese drama;One-act plays, Japanese
Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press,
Author: Poulton, M. Cody,

Title: A beginner's guide to blood cells, [Yr: c2004.]
Subject: Hematology;Blood cells
Publisher: Blackwell Pub.,
Author: Bain, Barbara J.

Title: A beginner's guide to Nietzsche's Beyond good and evil, [Yr: 2009.]
Subject: Ethics.
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell,
Author: Southwell, Gareth.

Title: A beginner's guide to the deep culture experience: beneath the surface /, [Yr: 2010.]
Subject: Intercultural communication.;Multicultural education.;Language and languages
Publisher: Intercultural Press,
Author: Shaules, Joseph.

Title: A beginning teacher's guide to special educational needs, [Yr: c2009.]
Subject: Children with disabilities;Special education.
Publisher: Open University Press,
Author: Wearmouth, Janice.

Title: A best practice guide to assessment and intervention for autism and Asperger syndrome in schools, [Yr: 2010.]
Subject: Autism in children;Autistic children;Autistic children
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley,
Author: Wilkinson, Lee A.

Title: A Better beginning: supporting and mentoring new teachers /, [Yr: c1999.]
Subject: First year teachers;Mentoring in education
Publisher: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development,

Title: A better way to think about business: how personal integrity leads to corporate success /, [Yr: 1999.]
Subject: Business ethics.;Integrity.
Publisher: Oxford University Press,
Author: Solomon, Robert C.

Title: A better world for children?: explorations in morality and authority /, [Yr: 1997.]
Subject: Child welfare.;Social systems.;Autopoiesis.;Ethics.
Publisher: Routledge,
Author: King, Michael,

Title: A bibliography of East European travel writing on Europe, [Yr: 2008.]
Subject: East Europeans;Travelers' writings, East European
Publisher: Central European University Press,

Title: A bibliography of English etymology, [Yr: 2010.]
Subject: English language;English language
Publisher: University of Minnesota Press,
Author: Liberman, Anatoly.

Title: A bibliography of John Rastell, [Yr: c1999.]
Subject: Early printed books
Publisher: McGill-Queen's University Press,
Author: Devereux, E. J.

Title: A billion bootstraps: microcredit, barefoot banking, and the business solution for ending poverty /, [Yr: c2007.]
Subject: Microfinance.;Loans, Personal.;Poverty.
Publisher: McGraw-Hill,
Author: Smith, Philip B.

Title: A biographical dictionary of ancient Egypt, [Yr: 1996.]
Publisher: Seaby,
Author: David, A. Rosalie

Title: A biography of no place: from ethnic borderland to Soviet heartland /, [Yr: 2004.]
Subject: Cultural pluralism
Publisher: Harvard University Press,
Author: Brown, Kate.

Title: A biological survey for the nation, [Yr: 1993.]
Subject: Ecosystem management;Biodiversity conservation;Biotic communities;Natural resources;Conservation of natural resources
Publisher: National Academy Press,

Title: A bird dance near Saturday City: Sidi Ballo and the art of West African masquerade /, [Yr: c2008.]
Subject: Mandingo (African people);Folk dancing, Mandingo
Publisher: Indiana University Press,
Author: McNaughton, Patrick R.

Title: A bishop's tale: Mathias Hovius among his flock in seventeenth-century Flanders /, [Yr: c2000.]
Subject: Counter-Reformation
Publisher: Yale University Press,
Author: Harline, Craig.

Title: A bitter peace: Washington, Hanoi, and the making of the Paris agreement /, [Yr: c2002.]
Subject: Vietnam War, 1961-1975;Vietnam War, 1961-1975
Publisher: University of North Carolina Press,
Author: Asselin, Pierre.

Title: A blessed company: parishes, parsons, and parishioners in Anglican Virginia, 1690-1776 /, [Yr: c2001.]
Subject: Church history.
Publisher: University of North Carolina Press,
Author: Nelson, John K.

Title: A blessing and a curse: autism and me /, [Yr: 2007.]
Subject: Autistic people
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers,
Author: M{acute}or, Caiseal,

Title: A blueprint for corporate governance: strategy, accountability, and the preservation of shareholder value /, [Yr: c2003.]
Subject: Corporate governance.;Corporate governance
Publisher: AMACOM,
Author: Kaen, Fred R.

Title: A boatload of idioms: over a thousand English expressions /, [Yr: c2004.]
Subject: English language;English language
Publisher: Vocalis, Ltd.,

Title: A bolt from the blue: coping with disasters and acute traumas /, [Yr: c2005.]
Subject: Crisis intervention (Mental health services);Disaster victims;Post-traumatic stress disorder;Psychic trauma;Psychological debriefing.;Traumatic neuroses
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers,
Author: Saari, Salli,

Title: A bond scheme for common agricultural policy reform, [Yr: c2004.]
Subject: Agriculture and state;Government securities
Publisher: CABI Pub.,

Title: A booklet of comfort for the sick: &On the Christian knight /, [Yr: 2007.]
Subject: Consolation;Conduct of life
Publisher: Marquette University Press,
Author: Spangenberg, Johann.

Title: A boy named Sue: gender and country music /, [Yr: c2004.]
Subject: Country music;Femininity in popular culture.;Masculinity in popular culture.
Publisher: University Press of Mississippi,

Title: A breath of fresh Eyre: intertextual and intermedial reworkings of Jane Eyre /, [Yr: 2007.]
Subject: English literature
Publisher: Rodopi,

Title: A bridge not attacked: chemical warfare civilian research during World War II /, [Yr: c2003.]
Subject: World War, 1939-1945;Chemical warfare;Chemists
Publisher: World Scientific,
Author: Johnston, Harold,

Title: A brief and tentative analysis of Negro leadership, [Yr: c2005.]
Subject: African American leadership.;Leadership
Publisher: New York University Press,
Author: Bunche, Ralph J.

Title: A brief history of Christianity, [Yr: 2006.]
Subject: Church history.
Publisher: Blackwell Pub.,
Author: Lindberg, Carter,

Title: A brief history of liberty, [Yr: 2010.]
Subject: Liberty;History.
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell,
Author: Schmidtz, David.

Title: A brief history of neoliberalism, [Yr: 2005.]
Subject: Economic policy.;Neoliberalism.;Liberty.
Publisher: Oxford University Press,
Author: Harvey, David,

Title: A brief history of the Spanish language, [Yr: 2007.]
Subject: Spanish language
Publisher: University of Chicago Press,
Author: Pharies, David A.

Title: A brief inquiry into the meaning of sin and faith: with "on my religion" /, [Yr: 2009.]
Subject: Philosophical theology.;Philosophy and religion.;Sin.;Faith.
Publisher: Harvard University Press,
Author: Rawls, John,

Title: A briefer history of time, [Yr: c2005.]
Subject: Astronomy.;Cosmology.
Publisher: Bantam Books,
Author: Hawking, S. W.

Title: A broader view of relativity: general implications of Lorentz and Poincar{acute}e invariance /, [Yr: c2006.]
Subject: Special relativity (Physics);Relativity (Physics)
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing,
Author: Hsu, J. P.

Title: A broken silence: voices of African American women in the academy /, [Yr: 2002.]
Subject: African American women college teachers.;Discrimination in higher education.
Publisher: Bergin & Garvey,
Author: Myers, Lena Wright.

Title: A Bront{uml}e family chronology, [Yr: 2003.]
Subject: English literature;Authors, English;Women authors, English
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan,
Author: Chitham, Edward.

Title: A bull in a glass house, [Yr: c2007.]
Subject: Success in business.;Success.
Publisher: Outskirts Press,
Author: Astorga, Jos{acute}e.

Title: A bull of a man: images of masculinity, sex, and the body in Indian Buddhism /, [Yr: 2009.]
Subject: Masculinity;Sex role;Buddhist literature;Buddhism
Publisher: Harvard University Press,
Author: Powers, John,

Title: A burning hunger: one family's struggle against apartheid /, [Yr: 2006.]
Subject: Apartheid;Anti-apartheid movements;Civil rights workers;Civil rights workers, Black;Political activists
Publisher: Ohio University Press,
Author: Schuster, Lynda.

Title: A business guide to information security: how to protect your company's IT assets, reduce risks and understand the law /, [Yr: 2005.]
Subject: Computer security.;Information resources management
Publisher: Kogan Page,
Author: Calder, Alan,

Title: A Byzantine encyclopaedia of horse medicine: the sources, compilation, and transmission of the Hippiatrica /, [Yr: 2007.]
Subject: Horses;Veterinary medicine;Veterinary medicine;Medicine, Greek and Roman.
Publisher: Oxford University Press,
Author: McCabe, Anne Elena.

Title: A calculated risk: the U.S. decision to recognize Israel /, [Yr: c2008.]
Publisher: Clerisy Press ;;Distributed by Publishers Group West,
Author: Wilson, Evan M.,

Title: A call for heresy: why dissent is vital to Islam and America /, [Yr: c2007.]
Subject: Islamic civilization;East and West.
Publisher: University of Minnesota Press ;;University Presses Marketing [distributor],
Author: Majid, Anouar,

Title: A canyon through time: archaeology, history, and ecology of the Tecolote Canyon area, Santa Barbara County, California /, [Yr: c2008.]
Subject: Paleo-Indians;Chumash Indians;Indigenous peoples;Excavations (Archaeology)
Publisher: University of Utah Press,
Author: Erlandson, Jon.

Title: A cardboard castle?: an inside history of the Warsaw Pact, 1955-1991 /, [Yr: 2005.]
Subject: Cold War.
Publisher: Central European University Press,

Title: A careful longing: the poetics and problems of nostalgia /, [Yr: c2006.]
Subject: English poetry;Nostalgia in literature.
Publisher: University of Delaware Press,
Author: Santesso, Aaron,

Title: A Caribbean identity: memoirs of the colonial service /, [Yr: 2008.]
Publisher: Radcliffe Press ;;Distributed in the United States by Palgrave Macmillan,
Author: Frankson, A. S.

Title: A case for aid: building a consensus for development assistance., [Yr: c2002.]
Subject: Economic assistance;Consensus (Social sciences)
Publisher: World Bank,

Title: A case of witchcraft: the trial of Urbain Grandier /, [Yr: c1998.]
Subject: Demoniac possession;Trials (Witchcraft)
Publisher: McGill-Queen's University Press,
Author: Rapley, Robert,

Title: A case study approach to human resources management, [Yr: 2009.]
Subject: Personnel management
Publisher: Himalaya Pub. House,
Author: Sadri, Sorab.

Title: A case study of BT cotton in Brazil, [Yr: c2006.]
Subject: Crops;Transgenic plants;Cotton
Publisher: CABI Pub.,

Title: A case study of Bt Maize in Kenya, [Yr: c2004.]
Subject: Crops;Transgenic plants;Corn
Publisher: CABI Pub.,

Title: A case study of sustainable development: brownfields /, [Yr: 2002.]
Subject: Brownfields
Publisher: Environmental Law Institute,
Author: Eisen, Joel B.

Title: A casebook of alternative governance structures and organizational forms, [Yr: c2000.]
Subject: Privatization;Administrative agencies
Publisher: Rand,
Author: Hynes, Michael,

Title: A casebook of family interventions for psychosis, [Yr: 2009.]
Subject: Psychoses.;Psychoses;Family psychotherapy.
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell,

Title: A casebook on Roman family law, [Yr: 2004.]
Subject: Domestic relations (Roman law)
Publisher: Oxford University Press,
Author: Frier, Bruce W.,

Title: A castle in the backyard: the dream of a house in France., [Yr: 2006.]
Subject: Vacation homes
Publisher: University of Wisconsin Press,
Author: Draine, Betsy,

Title: A casual revolution: reinventing video games and their players /, [Yr: 2009.]
Subject: Video games;Video gamers
Publisher: MIT Press,
Author: Juul, Jesper,

Title: A Catalog of Scolytidae and Platypodidae (Coleoptera)., [Yr: 2002.]
Subject: Scolytidae;Platypodidae;Scolytidae;Platypodidae
Publisher: NRC Research Press,
Author: Bright, Donald E.

Title: A Catholic in the White House?: religion, politics, and John F. Kennedy's presidential campaign /, [Yr: 2004.]
Subject: Presidents;Presidential candidates;Catholics;Religion and politics;Anti-Catholicism
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan,
Author: Carty, Thomas

Title: A Catholic modernity?: Charles Taylor's Marianist Award lecture, with responses by William M. Shea, Rosemary Luling Haughton, George Marsden, Jean Bethke Elshtain /, [Yr: 1999.]
Subject: Civilization, Modern.
Publisher: Oxford University Press,
Author: Taylor, Charles,

Title: A cautious patriotism: the American churches & the Second World War /, [Yr: c1997.]
Subject: World War, 1939-1945;War;World War, 1939-1945
Publisher: University of North Carolina Press,
Author: Sittser, Gerald Lawson,

Title: A census that mirrors America: interim report /, [Yr: 1993.]
Subject: Census undercounts
Publisher: National Academy Press,

Title: A Century of ecosystem science: planning long-term research in the Gulf of Alaska /, [Yr: c2002.]
Subject: Nature conservation.;Ecosystem management.
Publisher: National Academy Press,

Title: A Century of foreign investment in the Third World, [Yr: 2000.]
Subject: Investments, Foreign;Investments.
Publisher: Routledge,
Author: Twomey, Michael J.

Title: A century of nature: twenty-one discoveries that changed science and the world /, [Yr: 2003.]
Subject: Science;Science;Discoveries in science.;Science and civilization.
Publisher: University of Chicago Press,

Title: A century of philosophy, [Yr: 2004, c2003.]
Subject: Philosophers;Philosophy, Modern
Publisher: Continuum,
Author: Gadamer, Hans-Georg,

Title: A century of science publishing: a collection of essays /, [Yr: c2001.]
Subject: Science publishing;Science
Publisher: IOS Press,

Title: A certain idea of France: French security policy and the Gaullist legacy /, [Yr: c1993.]
Subject: Cold War.
Publisher: Princeton University Press,
Author: Gordon, Philip H.,

Title: A challenge of numbers: people in the mathematical sciences /, [Yr: 1990.]
Subject: Mathematics;Mathematics;Mathematicians
Publisher: National Academy Press,
Author: Madison, Bernard L.

Title: A chance for European universities, or, Avoiding the looming university crisis in Europe, [Yr: 2009.]
Subject: Education, Higher
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press,
Author: Ritzen, J. M. M.

Title: A changing Turkey: the challenge to Europe and the United States /, [Yr: c2000.]
Publisher: Brookings Institution Press,
Author: Kramer, Heinz.

Title: A chemist's guide to valence bond theory, [Yr: c2008.]
Subject: Valence (Theoretical chemistry)
Publisher: Wiley-Interscience,
Author: Shaik, Sason S.,

Title: A child from the village, [Yr: 2005.]
Subject: Autobiographical fiction, Arabic
Publisher: Syracuse University Press,
Author: Qu{dotb}tb, Sayyid,

Title: A child's journey to recovery: assessment and planning with traumatized children /, [Yr: 2008.]
Subject: Psychic trauma in children;Psychic trauma in children;Child mental health services.;Psychiatric social work.
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers,
Author: Tomlinson, Patrick,

Title: A Chinese bestiary: strange creatures from the guideways through mountains and seas = [Shan hai jing] /, [Yr: c2002.]
Subject: Mythology, Chinese.;Folklore
Publisher: University of California Press,

Title: A Chinese literary mind: culture, creativity and rhetoric in Wenxin Diaolong /, [Yr: 2001.]
Subject: Chinese literature
Publisher: Stanford University Press,

Title: A Choctaw reference grammar, [Yr: c2006.]
Subject: Choctaw language;Choctaw language;Choctaw language
Publisher: University of Nebraska Press,
Author: Broadwell, George Aaron.

Title: A chosen path: the ceramic art of Karen Karnes /, [Yr: 2010.]
Subject: Art pottery, American;Art pottery, American
Publisher: University of North Carolina Press,
Author: Karnes, Karen,

Title: A Christian perspective on political thought, [Yr: 1993.]
Subject: Christianity and politics.;Political science.
Publisher: Oxford University Press,
Author: Mott, Stephen Charles.

Title: A Christmas carol, [Yr: 1986.]
Subject: Scrooge, Ebenezer (Fictitious character)
Publisher: Bantam Books,
Author: Dickens, Charles,

Title: A Christmas carol and other Christmas books, [Yr: 2006.]
Subject: Christmas stories, English.
Publisher: Oxford University Press,
Author: Dickens, Charles,

Title: A Christmas carol and other stories, [Yr: 1995.]
Subject: Christmas stories, English.
Publisher: Modern Library,
Author: Dickens, Charles,

Title: A church divided: German Protestants confront the Nazi past /, [Yr: c2004.]
Subject: Protestant churches;Guilt;National socialism and religion.;Church and state
Publisher: Indiana University Press,
Author: Hockenos, Matthew D.,

Title: A church in search of itself: Benedict XVI and the battle for the future /, [Yr: 2006.]
Subject: Christianity
Publisher: Knopf,
Author: Kaiser, Robert Blair.

Title: A circle of discovery: teacher's guide /, [Yr: c2005.]
Subject: Alternative toxicity testing;Animal experimentation;Animal models in research;Medicine
Publisher: National Academies Press,
Author: Moran, Lisa C.

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