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Welcome to N-LIST Website
An Initiative of Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) Under the NME-ICT now funded by UGC, as college component under UGCINFONET Digital Library Consortium

Announcement Registration of new colleges and renewal of existing colleges is now opened for the colleges under section 12B/2F of UGC Act and Non-Aided Colleges (except Agriculture, Engineering, Management, Medical, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Nursing. Please DO NOT send Membership Fee before Registration. Further Help/query ?:e-mail: college[at]inflibnet.ac.in

Important for the colleges under firewall, the port nos 2048-3251 required to be open for login. Please ask your Network Admin/ISPs

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mhrdAs an authourised user from colleges registered under NLIST programme,
you will have access for the e-resources (6000+ ejournals and 97000+ ebooks

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For Problems/query ?:e-mail: college[at]inflibnet.ac.in

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